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Great Powers in the Middle East 1909-39
What was irans previous name,
Name the 8 underlying issues in t...,
What were britains 2 overriding a...
92  cards
Final years of British mandate in Palestine 1945-8
What allowed many jews to gain va...,
After the war ended in 1945 what ...,
What was decided in august 1945
33  cards
First Arab - Israeli War 1948-9
What did david ben gurion do on t...,
What happened after israel was pr...,
When did the first phase of fight...
39  cards
The Suez Crisis of 1956
What were the arab states stung by,
In 1949 what had the un got israe...,
From 1949 what happened in the de...
49  cards
Six-day War of 1967
What was set up in 1964,
What did nasser do in 1964 and wh...,
What were the aims of the plo
39  cards
War, oil and peacemaking 1967-79
What did nasser embark on in 1969,
What was nassers strategy for the...,
How did israel retaliate to egypt...
64  cards
Nasser, Egypt and Arab Nationalism
What was the concept of arab nati...,
What did britain do in egypt in 1942,
What was the baghdad pact 1955
78  cards
PLO, Lebanon and First Intifada
How many palestinian refugees doe...,
Where did most palestinian refuge...,
After the war ended in 1949 what ...
52  cards
USA, Soviet Union and the UN in the Arab-Israeli conflict
0  cards
Challenge of Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking 1990-2011
What did the usa do in the height...,
How did israelis respond to arafa...,
How did cold war influence soviet...
49  cards
Turkey, Iraq, Iran and the West 1908-2011
What did ottoman turkey do in 1914,
What was military commander atatu...,
What did the allies allow into tu...
71  cards
From Arab Nationalism to Islamic fundamentalism
In 1978 what did afghan communist...,
What did soviets do in december 1979,
Who were the mujahideen
8  cards

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