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First Trimester
The estimated due date edd is cal...,
If a woman had a regular menstrua...,
Elevated human chorionic gonadotr...
14  cards
Second Trimester
For a woman s first pregnancy whe...,
When is the second trimester from...,
When is the polycose glucose chal...
11  cards
Third Trimester
When is the third trimester
1  cards
What characteristics of the pelvi...,
The sub occiput bregmatic present...,
What are the mechanisms of labour...
18  cards
Signs of pph obs
1  cards
What are the postnatal maternal a...,
What is included in the top to to...,
What is puerperium
27  cards
What is the recommended iodine su...,
When should a woman take iodine s...,
Why should a woman take iodine su...
49  cards
Fetal Assessments
Fetal movements are a fairly sign...,
Abdominal palpation determines al...,
You perform an abdominal palpatio...
15  cards
Midwifery Terms
What does parity mean,
What is station,
What is cervical effacement
9  cards
Maternal Assessments
What is the normal blood pressure...,
What blood pressure reading is co...,
What blood pressure reading is co...
70  cards
Maternal Structure
What four bones make up the femal...,
What are the joints of the pelvis,
What is significant about ischial...
4  cards
What is the formula for drug calc...,
How do to prime a line,
What is drip rate
4  cards
What is a primary postpartum haem...,
What is a secondary post party s ...,
What dose of syntocinion do you a...
11  cards
Why are neonates more susceptible...,
Common bacterial infections in ne...,
Common fungal infections in neonates
14  cards
What is sga classified as in preg...,
What is sga classified as in a ne...,
What is intrauterine growth restr...
18  cards
What is considered preterm,
What is considered late preterm,
What is considered very preterm
20  cards
Respiratory Disorders
What is transient tachypnoea of t...,
What are the risk factors of a ne...,
What is the concern with ttn
24  cards
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
What is the purpose of screening ...,
Why and how would you screen for bv,
What are the implications of untr...
40  cards
Preterm Labour
What is preterm rupture of membranes,
Risk factors of preterm labour,
Below what gestation is there an ...
21  cards
Epidural Care
0  cards
Multiple Birth
0  cards
What is severe preeclampsia,
What is the pathophysiology of pr...,
What is the pathophysiology to ca...
20  cards
Antepartum haemorrhage
Most common reasons for antenatal...
1  cards
Shoulder dystocia
0  cards
0  cards
Cord Prolapse
0  cards
Induction of labour
0  cards
Gestational Diabete Mellitus
Role of insulin,
Role of glycogen,
Risks of untreated gdm for the mo...
9  cards
Antenatal Common Discomfort
Symptoms of round ligament pain,
What cause round ligament pain,
Management for round ligament pain
3  cards
Drug Calcuations
Formula for drip rate dpm,
Formula for oral iv infusion,
Formula for rate
5  cards

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