mod 15: engines

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15.1 - Fundamentals
Explain the difference between po...,
State newton s third law,
What is the brayton cycle also kn...
23  cards
15.3 - Inlet
State the purpose of an engine ai...,
Define ram ratio,
What are the two main groups of a...
14  cards
15.4 - Compressors
Explain the purpose of the compre...,
Name the two types of compressor,
Define compressor pressure ratio
37  cards
15.5 - Combustion Section
Name the hot section components o...,
Where is a reverse flow combustio...,
What is the function of a primary...
14  cards
15.6 - Turbine Section
What is the primary function of t...,
Name two types of turbines and st...,
State the purpose of the turbine ...
20  cards
15.7 - Exhaust
What happens pressure and velocit...,
Name the main parts of the exhaust,
State the purpose of the exhaust ...
18  cards
15.9 - Lubricants & Fuels
List five requirements of aviatio...,
List five requirements of aviatio...,
Define viscosity
11  cards
What happens velocity pressure,
What happens velocity pressure an...,
Name the 4 types of combustors
3  cards
15.10 - Lubrication Systems
Describe the main difference betw...,
What is the primary purpose of a ...,
Describe how a gear pump operates
22  cards
15.11 - Fuel Systems
Describe the stoichiometric ratio,
Briefly describe fadec,
How is continuous operation of th...
17  cards
15.12 - Air Systems
How is the internal air system of...,
List four functions of the intern...,
In relation to turbine blades wha...
11  cards
15.13 - Starting and Ignition Systems
In order to start a gas turbine e...,
What type of starter is most comm...,
Describe the benefits of using a ...
14  cards
15.14 - Engine Indication systems
List the primary engine indicatio...,
What is used to measure egt for t...,
Monitoring engine temperature to ...
21  cards
15.16 - Turbo-Prop Engines
What are the 2 forms of turbo pro...,
How is the turbo prop coupled wit...,
What are the benefits of using a ...
16  cards
15.17 - Turbo-Shaft Engines
What aviation machines use turbo ...,
What non aviation related machine...,
What control devices are found on...
8  cards
15.18 - APU
What type of engine is an apu,
What are the 6 conditions that ca...,
What services does an apu provide...
13  cards
15.19 – Powerplant Installation
What are fireproof bulkheads made...,
What are the two main lifting poi...,
Where and why are flexible fluid ...
11  cards
15.20 – Fire Protection
A fire protection system consists...,
What is a fire bottle containing ...,
Why are co2 bottles charged with ...
11  cards
15.21 - Engine Monitoring and Ground Operations
What precautions must you take wh...,
What is a hot start and give 3 ca...,
What is a hung start and give 3 c...
9  cards
MCQ questions
A by a,
A turbo jet engine
59  cards
SAMS Official MCQ
Which of the following is another...,
What does newtons third law defin...,
What takes place when a force act...
87  cards
SAMS Questions (other)
A free turbine is usually found on a,
A free turbine is,
The fuel flow in a turboprop engi...
21  cards
Jack's Questions
How are nozzle guide vanes cooled,
What is compressor stall,
List the primary engine indications
8  cards
Highlights from Notes
A relatively ____ mass of air is ...,
Gas turbine engine the constant _...,
A turbojet engine consists of wha...
37  cards
Dale Crane Q's
The pressure of moving gas is a m...,
The velocity of moving gas is a m...,
Force is a vector quantity that h...
211  cards
Kevin's Q's
Name 2 types of gas turbine engines,
Name the 3 main sections of a gas...,
Name 3 types of engines rated by ...
13  cards
John's Notes
Gas turbine engine is what kind o...,
What type of cycle is a piston en...,
A turbojet engine has no _____
71  cards
Revision Q's
Anti ice is recommended during,
47  cards

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