molecular basis of disease/ microbiology and immunology

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Causes Of Disease- Overview
What does eitology mean,
What are idiopathic diseases,
What are intrinsic conditions
12  cards
Cell Growth And Differentiation
What are the three main groups of...,
What are developmental conditions,
What are neoplasia and metaplasia
59  cards
Cell Death And Cell Damage
What is the purpose of necrosis,
Why does necrosis cause acute inf...,
What are the causes of necrosis
50  cards
Mechanisms Of Disease During Embryogenesis
What are the two main periods of ...,
When is the embryonic period and ...,
When is the fetal period and what...
44  cards
Stem Cells And Regenerative Medicine
What are the sources of stem cells,
How do you create ipscs,
What are the specific pluripotenc...
47  cards
Overview Of Genome Technologies In Genetic Diagnostics
Why do you need to do pcr for dia...,
What is fragment analysis used for,
What is fragment analysis
36  cards
Cell Culture Techniques
What is cell tissue culture,
What are the advantages of cell c...,
What is the physiochemical enviro...
46  cards
Flow Cytometry- Introduction And Applications
What is flow cytometry,
What is the definition of flow cy...,
What is flow sorting
45  cards
What are the parts of a miscroscope,
What are some examples of light c...,
What is the sample surrounded by ...
10  cards
Liquid Biopsies
What is a liquid biopsy,
What does amniotic analysis test for,
Why is blood really good as a liq...
22  cards
Nutritional Anaemia
What is anaemia according to who,
What does maturation of rbcs need,
What are the mechanisms of action...
69  cards
Haemolytic Anaemia
What is haemolytic anaemia,
How long do rbcs circle for,
Where are senescent rbcs removed
76  cards
Lab Investigation Of The Full Blood Count And White Cell Disorders
What are the first steps in norma...,
What do lymphoid stem cells divid...,
What does a myeloid stem cell div...
20  cards
Disorders Of Blood Coagulation
Why is blood clotting a good thing,
What activates clotting,
What is involved in primary haemo...
51  cards
Numerical Chromosomal Abnormalities
What causes turners syndrome,
What causes pataus syndrome,
What causes edwards syndrome
20  cards
Structural Chromosomal Abnormalities
What are some examples of structu...,
What are the two types of translo...,
What is
30  cards
Inborn Errors Of Metabolism
How do inborn errors of metabolis...,
What things can accumulate toxica...,
What can inborn errors of metabol...
57  cards
Congenital Diseases Associated With The Central Nervous System
What does the neural tube give ri...,
When is the neural tube formed,
What happens as the neural tube c...
38  cards
Neurodegenerative Diseases
What is neurodegeneration,
What part of the nervous system d...,
When do neurodegenerative disease...
54  cards
Diabetes And Hypoglycaemia
What are blood glucose levesl mai...,
What happens in the body in a fed...,
What is the
76  cards
Mechanisms Of Oncogenesis
What is cancer the name for,
Where do carcinomas originate,
What are
56  cards
Oncogenes And Tumour Suppressor Genes
What are the major functional cha...,
How does increased growth happen ...,
What do oncogenes cause
67  cards
Tumour Angiogenesis, Invasion And Metastasis
What are the characteristics of m...,
What is the growth characteristic...,
What is the invasiveness characte...
50  cards
Clinical Cancer Genetics
What is the difference between a ...,
What are the two different types ...,
What are high risk cancer genes
30  cards
Introduction To Leukaemia
What is leukaemia,
What are haematopoeitic stem cells,
What can progenitor cells divide ...
60  cards
Introduction To Lymphomas And Myelomas
What is lymphoma,
What does lymphoma affect,
What are lymphomas due to
50  cards
Introduction To Hormone Dependant Cancers: Breast And Prostate Cancers
What is a hormone,
Where are hormones produced,
What are the three groups of horm...
94  cards
Endocrine Disorders
What can we do to investigate end...,
What are the levels of thyroid ho...,
What are the levels of thyroid ho...
30  cards
Calcium And Phosphate Metabolisms
What is osteoporosis,
What are the causes of osteoporosis,
How can you diagnose osteoporosis
24  cards
Bacterial Pathogens And Disease 1 - Exotoxins
What do antibodies do,
What is a pathogen,
What is pathogenicity
77  cards
Bacterial Pathogens And Disease 2- Endotoxins
What are the components of a gram...,
What are the components of the li...,
What are the features of the o po...
36  cards
Viral Pathogens: Classification, Biology, Diseases I
What are the two types of virus,
What are the four structures of v...,
What are the structure of rna gen...
46  cards
Viral Pathogens: Classification, Biology And Disease Part II
Why do viruses infect t cells,
What is the hiv set point viral load,
What does inhibition of immune ce...
20  cards
What is a parasite,
What are the 3 main classes of pa...,
What is a protozoa
64  cards
Pathogenesis Of Parasitic Infections
What are the three main species o...,
What can schistosomiasis result in,
What is a key feature of immune r...
29  cards
Mechanisms Of Viral Infection And Pathogenesis
What are the types of viral infec...,
What is acute infection normally ...,
What are the two options for acut...
35  cards
Diagnosis Of Viral Infections
What is the purpose of a laborato...,
What are the test types used in v...,
When is electron microscopy used
25  cards
Systems For Detecting Pathogens
What is the taxogenic ladder afte...,
What are the types of pathogens,
What is a commensal non pathogen
30  cards
Mechanism Of Action Of Antivirals
What are the current uses of anti...,
How does selective toxicity work,
What are the modes of action of a...
24  cards
Molecular Epidemiology Of Pathogens
What is molecular epidemiology of...,
How can you measure diversity,
What is single weighting
15  cards
What are antibiotics,
What are the principles of antibi...,
What is the theraputic margin
26  cards
Antibiotic Resistance
What are the mechanisms of antibi...,
How do bacteria inactivate drugs,
What metabolic bypass have bacter...
13  cards
Review Of The Innate Immune System
What does the innate immune syste...,
What are the pamps on gram ve bac...,
What are the pamps on gram ve bac...
32  cards
Overview Of The Adaptive Immune Sytem
How does the adaptive immune syst...,
What happens when you don t have ...,
What are some examples of b cell ...
25  cards
T Cell Development: Generation Of Receptor Repertoire Diversity
What are the event in lymphocyte ...,
What are the key factors in lymph...,
What do multipotent hscs give ris...
50  cards
T Cell Development, Receptor Repertoire Selection And CD4/8 Lineage Commitment
What does cd stand for in cd4 8,
Where do double negative t cells ...,
What type of t cells are favoured...
20  cards
T Cell Activation And Generation Of Effector T Cells
Where do naive t cells end up,
What happens when a naive t cell ...,
What happens once a naive t cell ...
18  cards
Humoral Immunity; Antibodies And The Life Cycle Of B Cells
What are the heavy chain domains ...,
What are the different types of l...,
What are the four general heavy c...
56  cards
Antibacterial Responses
What are the features of a bacter...,
What are the key steps in infection,
What are the two types of defensins
15  cards
Microbial Immune Evasion Mechanisms
What is balanced pathogenicity,
What are the properties of microbe,
What are the properties of the host
26  cards
Natural Born Killers: NK Cells And CD8+ T Lymphocytes
What are cytotoxic t cells contro...,
Which immune response are cytotox...,
Which immune response are natural...
36  cards
Transplantation And Immunosupressive Drugs
What is transplantation,
What are the types of donor,
What is an autologous donor patie...
43  cards
Autoimmune Disease
What is immunologically acted on ...,
What is immunologically acted on ...,
What are some examples of autoimm...
40  cards
What are immunodeficiencies cause...,
What are the types of immunodefic...,
What do primary immunodeficiencie...
53  cards
Anti-tumour Immunity And Immunotherapy For Cancer
Which tumours does immunodeficien...,
What does tumour immunosurveillan...,
What are the three phases of immu...
58  cards
Scientic Basis Of Vaccines
What is herd immunity memory boos...,
What do parenteral vaccines lead to,
When are antibodies sufficient
22  cards
Vaccines - Bacterial And Viral
What vaccines do you get at 8 weeks,
What vaccines do you get at 12 weeks,
What vaccines do you get at 16 weeks
42  cards

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