ms3 - operative/perioperative care

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OnlineMedEd: Surgery: General - "Preop Evaluation"
For elective surgery its recommen...,
What ejection fraction is conside...,
The ____________ index predicts l...
13  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: General - "Postop Fever"
What is the mnemonic for postop f...,
Review the timeline of fever in r...,
How is malignant hyperthermia tre...
11  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: General - "Other Postop Issues"
Review the workup of postop chest...,
How is mi management different in...,
Give a differential for postop ams
10  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: General - "Obstructive Jaundice"
Review the three types of jaundic...,
Choledocholithiasis and cholecyst...,
How should you work up and treat ...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: General - "Esophagus"
Gerd is typically described as wh...,
Gerd improves with ______________...,
Review the workup and diagnosis o...
12  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: General - "Small Bowel"
Anyone with peritoneal signs need...,
Small bowel obstructions typicall...,
What is obstipation
17  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: General - "Pancreas"
The pain of pancreatitis presents...,
How is pancreatitis diagnosed,
Pancreatitis is treated with ____...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: General - "Gallbladder"
Most gallstones are ____________,
Review the risk factors for galls...,
The classic presentation of galls...
16  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: General - "Colorectal"
The three ways colon cancer is us...,
Colon cancer is usually treated w...,
Those with fap need ______________
15  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: General - "Abdominal Pain"
List the three types of pain,
Obstructive abdominal pain is ___...,
Purely obstructive disorders pres...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: General - "Leg Ulcers"
List the five categories of ulcers,
Review the stages of ulcers,
Why do pressure ulcers arise
12  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: General - "Breast Cancer"
Explain the pathogenesis of breas...,
The three ways that breast cancer...,
It is no longer recommended to pe...
14  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Peds: First Day"
List two features that can be see...,
____________ is why youre not sup...,
What kind of imaging is done to e...
11  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Peds: Weeks to Months"
Nec generally presents with _____...,
How do you treat nec,
The test has to tell you ________...
19  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Endocrine Diseases"
Discuss the workup of thyroid nod...,
What do you do if the thyroid nod...,
Go through the workup of suspecte...
10  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Surgical Hypertension"
What two factors when seen togeth...,
When you suspect hyperaldosteroni...,
If the aldosterone renin ratio is...
16  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Peds CT Surgery"
Left to right shunts are non ____...,
_____________ defects may not be ...,
What is eisenmengers syndrome
18  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "CT Surgery"
Aortic stenosis is most common in...,
Describe the presenting signs and...,
What murmur suggests aortic stenosis
22  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Aorta"
Aaa is a product of _______________,
What is the screening protocol fo...,
Aaas usually arise in the _______...
11  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Vascular"
Weirdly there seems to be a highe...,
List the risk factors for periphe...,
A great way to distinguish spinal...
12  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Peds Ophtho"
What is amblyopia,
Strabismus is ______________,
Congenital strabismus needs to be...
11  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Adult Ophtho"
Describe the basic pathophysiolog...,
How is closed angle glaucoma defi...,
Closed angle glaucoma is treated ...
14  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Skin Cancer"
List the risk factors for the dev...,
Which of the benign skin cancers ...,
Describe the appearance and histo...
10  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Uro Peds"
0  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Uro Cancer"
Prostate cancer is a result of __...,
The uspstf is moving away from __...,
Obstructive symptoms are more typ...
19  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Uro Misc"
The prostate will feel __________...,
______________ is the most prosta...,
__________ is best for long term ...
17  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Ortho Hand"
What is the usual order of sympto...,
The eponym for the sign that you ...,
The textbook answer for diagnosin...
14  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Subspecialty - "Ortho Injuries"
For a fracture you need to get __...,
In anterior dislocation of the sh...,
Which nerve is often impinged in ...
20  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Trauma - "Shock"
What three categories does dustyn...,
What gcs score indicates intubation,
The two important parameters of b...
19  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Trauma - "Head"
What are the signs of a basilar s...,
Epidurals commonly occur after wh...,
The big concerning sign of epidur...
15  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Trauma - "Neck"
The older way of categorizing nec...,
What should you do to assess neck...,
Review the newer schematic for as...
8  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Trauma - "Chest"
Remember that rib fractures can l...,
How do rib fractures lead to pneu...,
Rib fractures should be treated w...
20  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Trauma - "Abdomen"
In the case of ____________ the p...,
Explain the workup of superficial...,
For blunt abdominal trauma the co...
11  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Trauma - "Burns"
Review the degrees of burns,
Which is worse alkali or acid burn,
The way to treat chemical burns w...
10  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Trauma - "Bites and Stings"
Describe dustyns wild vs domestic...,
In what cases should you treat fo...,
How do you treat anaphylaxis
10  cards
OnlineMedEd: Surgery: Trauma - "Toxic Ingestion"
The two alcohols with anion gap a...,
How can osmolar gap help guide yo...,
For alcohol ingestion the treatme...
17  cards
Orientation Lecture: Hernias
Give a basic definition of a hernia,
Hernia hpi _______________,
Most patients with an inguinal he...
8  cards
Orientation Lecture: Airway Management
What are the two shapes of laryng...,
What are the indications for usin...,
Why do you use a straight blade i...
3  cards
Orientation Lecture: Pancreatic Cancer
What is the yearly incidence of p...,
Review the symptoms that suggest ...,
Give a differential for obstructi...
10  cards
Orientation Lecture: Abdominal Imaging
What kind of contrast can be used...,
What was pneumoencephalography us...,
Conventional tomography is ______...
15  cards
Orientation Lecture: Introduction to Anesthesiology
Why is thiopental not used anymore,
What is the advantage of succinyl...,
Discuss how the mortality of anes...
12  cards
PreTest Surgery: Pre- and Postoperative Care
Review the symptoms of hypermagne...,
What are the two most common caus...,
Urine sodium less than ________ m...
30  cards
PreTest Surgery: Critical Care: Anesthesiology, Blood Gases, and Respiratory Care
Describe the criteria for success...,
____________ should not given to ...,
List the criteria for diagnosis o...
30  cards
PreTest Surgery: Skin: Wounds, Infections, and Burns; Hands; Plastic Surgery
How do you determine the appropri...,
Review the timeline for cell type...,
How is pyoderma gangrenosum treated
17  cards
PreTest Surgery: Trauma and Shock
A patient s p mvc gets an ng tube...,
Explain the management of abdomin...,
Rib fractures should be managed w...
30  cards
PreTest Surgery: Transplants, Immunology, and Oncology
_____________ has been postulated...,
Chronic rejection of a liver tran...,
Describe how a cross match occurs
29  cards
PreTest Surgery: Endocrine Problems and the Breast
True or false multifocal breast t...,
What does dexamethasone suppressi...,
_____________ is an important ind...
19  cards
PreTest Surgery: Gastrointestinal Tract, Liver, and Pancreas
Describe the management of itp ba...,
Non invasive appendiceal adenocar...,
What is the difference between a ...
44  cards
PreTest Surgery: Cardiothoracic Problems
______________ is the best indica...,
Organized chronic empyema needs t...,
Most cases of svc syndrome 70 are...
21  cards
PreTest Surgery: Peripheral Vascular Problems
For the first 6 hours following a...,
The best diagnostic step of posto...,
The two kinds of primary lymphede...
13  cards
PreTest Surgery: Urology
According to pretest how do you m...,
What is the best management of un...,
The standard surgical treatment f...
6  cards
PreTest Surgery: Orthopedics
What is the treatment for a large...,
Radial nerve injury at the wrist ...,
The treatment of choice for a sev...
4  cards
PreTest Surgery: Neurosurgery
Review the gcs categories and points,
What is a big caveat in using hyp...,
Describe the management of basila...
11  cards
PreTest Surgery: Otolaryngology
Describe the treatment for nasoph...,
A patient presents with oropharyn...,
Because of the high chance of co ...
10  cards
PreTest Surgery: Pediatric Surgery
Discuss the two types of imperfor...,
Give the pathologic diagnosis of ...,
Enteroenterostomy is the treatmen...
11  cards
Monday Lecture: Acid Base Disorders
Review the mnemonic for non anion...,
Review the mnemonic for metabolic...,
What formula gives respiratory co...
3  cards
Monday Lecture: AAA
Why is angiography not an accepta...,
True or false abdominal aortic an...,
The pre hospital death rate of ru...
6  cards
First Aid for the Wards: Surgery
What information is typically wan...,
Left of on page ___________
2  cards
Manual of Clinical Anesthesiology: The Anesthetic Plan and Induction of Anesthesia
In which patients might ketamine ...,
What is glycopyrrolate,
List some things to consider in p...
10  cards
Monday Lecture: Local Anesthetics
Describe how local anesthetics ca...,
How are amides practically differ...,
Explain how pka affects the onset...
9  cards
Manual of Clinical Anesthesiology: Endotracheal Intubation
How do you align the three axes,
Go through the mallampoti classif...,
What is the correct length of et ...
4  cards
Manual of Clinical Anesthesiology: Pre-Op Assessment
What labs should be ordered as pa...,
Discuss what to review in the pat...,
Thyromental distance less than __...
5  cards
Manual of Clinical Anesthesiology: Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting
Ponv occurs in up to _____ of cases,
Which anesthetics cause the most ...,
List the patient factors that pre...
7  cards
Manual of Clinical Anesthesiology: IV Induction Agents
How does propofol affect the card...,
Propofol does what to cerebral bl...,
Propofol ______________ respirato...
6  cards
Monday Lecture: Local Anesthetics
Low ___________ speeds the onset ...,
How does tissue acidosis affect l...,
Why does epinephrine slow the ons...
6  cards
Monday Lecture: Cardiothoracic Surgery
The treatment for aortic stenosis...,
Give the three criteria that char...,
Describe the natural history of a...
6  cards
Monday Lecture: Fluids and Electrolytes
What composition is maintenance f...,
What portion of body weight is ea...,
Why is albumin not given to those...
3  cards
Monday Lecture: Endpoints of Resuscitation
Shock is defined as ________________,
In ___________ shock research sho...,
Oxygen delivery is given by this ...
9  cards
Monday Lecture: Colon and Rectal Disease
The white line of toldt is ______...,
Lymphatics follow the ___________,
What percent of diverticulosis pr...
8  cards
Monday Lecture: Breast Disease
There are two types of mammograms...,
The __________ reporting system g...,
Go through the birads scoring
10  cards
NBME Clinical Science Mastery Series: Surgery Form 3
In a patient s p mvc what is the ...,
A guy gets a dozen units of prbcs...,
What is a common cause of post op...
16  cards
NBME Clinical Science Mastery Series: Surgery Form 4
Dont forget that a painless penil...,
A woman has htn discovered to be ...,
A man gets ten units of blood and...
18  cards

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