music production

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Sound & Hearing
Control room,
How is the control room built,
What is the control room for
161  cards
MTR-90/Analog Tape
Tape unload,
Spot erase
52  cards
Neotek Signal Flow
Mic pre,
Insert send return channel path
26  cards
Multitrack bus assignment switches,
Mtb outputs feed the top of which...,
Bus trim
74  cards
Method Questions
First aux bus method question,
Answer to the first aux bus metho...,
Why should the split come from th...
25  cards
Time-based Processors
5 sources of reverb,
Oscillation with high rate and lo...,
Oscillation with low rate and hig...
34  cards
Typical cables for the patchbay,
What type of wires are being used...,
Basic concept of the patchbay
27  cards
DI Boxes
3 basic functions of a di box,
How can we bypass a microphone wh...
9  cards
Miking Techniques
Spaced pair,
3 1 rule
7  cards
Dynamic Processors & EQs
Gate expander,
Gates threshold trigger,
Gate parameters
94  cards
At cras the 212l mic pre modules ...,
At cras the 215l sweep filters 22...,
Api circuitry type
125  cards
MP100 Final Review
Control room designed and built s...,
Term for device that changes one ...,
Icon credited with invention of p...
120  cards
API Signal Flow
O mic tie line out,
O mic preamp in
45  cards
Post Production
Frame rate for ntsc colour video,
Usa colour video rate,
Crt meaning
203  cards
I o module vu meters display ____...,
Direct outputs 1 24 are assigned ...,
Direct outputs 25 48 are assigned...
123  cards
Commercial Production
Button stinger,
Copy ad copy,
51  cards

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music production

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