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General Fitness For Duty.
Upon completion of the sample col...,
If the if the test return is posi...,
The _____________ will attempt to...
8  cards
Star Protocal
Communications will ___________ o...,
Supervisors will to the call,
________ arriving officer will fo...
4  cards
Sick/injured Persons and Natural Death
What are 4 routine calls where of...,
Officers responding to a homicide...,
Supervisors will ___________ 2 wh...
5  cards
Domestic Dog Encounters
Officers will will not intentiona...,
Catchpoles will be maintain a sta...,
Only__________ issued catchpoles ...
6  cards
Criminal Violations By LE Employees.
Lvnpd members civilian or commiss...,
Employees will will not notify th...
2  cards
Early Identification and Intervention Program
Supervisors will respond eiip ale...,
Eiip alerts will be completely co...,
Eiip thresholds are adjusted ____...
4  cards
Maintenace of Values and Ethics (MOVE)
Iab investigators and bureau area...,
Cytisine s review board has been ...,
When a department employee is sus...
13  cards
Harrassment and/or Discrimination Preventing Complaint Process
Political affiliation is is not a...,
Complaint of harassment and or di...,
Conflict resolution is a wide ran...
7  cards
Social Media and Electronic Communications by Department Members
Public employees have qualified f...,
Department members are free to ex...,
Social media is a valuable invest...
4  cards
Search and Seizure
The fourth amendment is the right...,
The fourth amendment protects an ...,
________ is a common law exceptio...
41  cards
Missing Persons and Runaways
The minimum data elements for a m...,
If the juvenile is located the re...,
Communications will dispatch a pa...
8  cards
Crime Scene Invetigations and Investigative Personell Notifications
The responsibility for conducting...,
When a patrol officer arrives on ...,
Patrol investigations will be not...
16  cards
Witness Identification
Photo line ups are an investigati...,
Use of any juvenile photos must m...,
During a sequential photo lineup ...
8  cards
Driving Vehicle Procedures
Emergency vehicles do not do have...,
The only exception for officers t...,
Text messaging or emailing while ...
28  cards
The trigger pull weight on a on d...,
The barrel length on a handgun wi...,
Officers are required to carry a ...
17  cards
Voice Radio Communications
__________ and ________ will be u...,
Priority 0 calls on respective ch...,
Unit responding to a priority 0 c...
14  cards
Pending Calls for Service
Emergency calls will be dispatche...,
If no one patrol units are availa...,
Communications will dispatch shif...
7  cards
Body Worn Cameras
All commission police officers of...,
Officers will not will activate t...,
Officers will record all contacts...
30  cards
Field Force Extrication (FFE)
In these situations it shall be t...,
The __________ shall be in primar...,
If protesters still refuse to rel...
4  cards
Foot Pursuits
Unless relieved by another office...,
Reasonable alternatives such as p...,
When a foot pursuit terminates th...
5  cards
Booking Evidence and Property
All items will be properly booked...,
All items deposited in the eviden...,
Property described as miscellaneo...
15  cards
Bomb Threats
_____ will investigate all bomb t...,
25ft and 100 ft searches should b...,
In a non specific bomb threats wh...
6  cards
Major Incident and All Hazard Plan
_____ was developed so responders...,
________ is a team effort that al...,
Sgt must complete a ics ____ upon...
4  cards
Hostage Plan
Is the site from which tactical u...,
Once the swat team deploys and ta...,
Patrol officers arriving on a hos...
3  cards
Barricaded Subject Plan
Subjects that are ______ and pose...,
Patrol supervisor will reinforce ...
2  cards
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or Explosive Incident Plan
_______ is the composite all haza...,
Officers should approach any scen...,
Armor section and chart members w...
4  cards
Handling Persons with Special Needs
_______ is a report used to track...,
Cit officers are neither _____ of...,
Officers with cit training will b...
10  cards
Arrest Procesures and Declaration Of Arrest
If practical and misdemeanor case...,
In clark county when more than on...,
Patrol sergeants or above detecti...
3  cards
Transporting Prisoners
A police officer in a standard se...,
Individual officers will will not...,
In a standard one or two officers...
6  cards
Arrest without Warrants
Rights of an arrest the person wi...,
When releasing property of an arr...
2  cards
Code 3 Driving
Code 1,
Typing of messages and use of cel...,
Primary officer or first officer ...
4  cards
Domestic Abuse And DUI Violations by Employees
The department shall shall not ma...,
______ ensures any reduction in d...
2  cards

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