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Anatomy of Airway - Exam 1
Sternohyoid class function,
Sternothyroid class funciton,
Omohyoid class function
27  cards
Laryngospasm-GA-Exam 2
Muscles that tenses,
Muscle that relaxes,
Muscle that abducts
22  cards
Basic Monitoring - Exam 1
1  cards
Bronchospasm - GA -Exam 2
Resp s s,
Cardiac s s,
Bronchospasm tx basics
14  cards
O2 Therapy + MV - Exam 2
What is low flow oxygenation,
What affects oxygen delivery in l...,
Nasal cannula liter flow fio2 low...
153  cards
GA: Induction - Exam 2
Ga produces states of,
Agm check must happen q _ hrs,
Circuit on agm must be checked q
94  cards
Regional - Exam 2
Absolute contraindications for cnb,
Relative contraindications for cnb,
C spine nerves emerge _ the respe...
203  cards
GA: Maintenance - Exam 2
Monitors to use during ga all the...,
Monitors used soemtimes for ga,
Get baseline vs in
68  cards
GA: Emergence - Exam 2
Ways to emerge more smoothly time...,
Ga components that affect emergen...,
Until fiaa reaches _ on gas analy...
99  cards
MAC - Exam 3
Leading cause opf death and sever...,
Risk factors for burns around hea...,
Which of the following anesthetic...
180  cards
Chloroprocaine toxic,
Chloroprocaine doa,
Chloroprocaine with epi toxic
35  cards
Positioning - Exam 3
Cvp preload and sv will _ in resp...,
Bp effects from nmbd,
Under normal circumstances in hea...
184  cards
Thermoregulation - Exam 3
4 ways body loses heat,
What is normal body temp roughly,
3 phases of thermoregulation
214  cards
PACU - Exam 3
What is the immediate priority in...,
Crna job in pacu once pt is deliv...,
Info to give during report should...
126  cards
Allergy - Exam 4
Nagelhout anaphylaxis assessment,
Nagelhout anaphylaxis assessment,
Nagelhout anaphylaxis epinepherine
288  cards
Transfusions - Exam 4
T f the leading cause of transfus...,
Most commonly transfused blood pr...,
A transfusion ratio of 2 1 1 woul...
128  cards
MH - Exam 4
Common triggers for mh,
Children under _ yo make up 52 of...,
Mh has been associated with _ gen...
88  cards
Fluid Therapy - Exam 4
Total body water tbw represents a...,
_ volume represents about 2 3 of ...,
Ecv primary cation primary anion
259  cards
Obesity - Exam 5
Healthy wt for individuals in bmi,
Bmi formula,
A person s degree of obesity is d...
200  cards
Eye Anesthesia - Exam 5
What are the requirements of opht...,
3 layers of the wall of the globe,
Characteristics of the sclera
224  cards
Inhalation Agents - Med Table
Isoflurane forane mac,
Isoflurance forane bg coeff,
Isoflurane forane og coeff
12  cards
NORA - Exam 6
Which kind of anesthesia ensures ...,
How must your meds be labeled,
Does mild sedation need etco2 per...
70  cards
GU - Exam 6
Which kidney rests lower why,
What holds kidneys in place,
Most outer aspects of kidney are ...
220  cards
Lap + GYN + Robots - Exam 6
Most complications from lap proce...,
Leading cause of morbidity and mo...,
Lap cases can be done with an _ o...
180  cards
ECT - Exam 6
Ect pns response,
Ect sns responses,
Ect cerebral responses
97  cards
GI - Exam 7
What is the principal function of...,
Name the divisions of the gi tract,
What are the functions of the gi ...
232  cards
Elderly - Exam 7
T f age dependent,
With age _ stiffening causes _ af...,
Changes in the elderly respirator...
103  cards
Ortho - Exam 7
Benefits of tourniquet use,
Methods to prevent tourniquet com...,
Tourniquets are typically applied...
163  cards
Top Drawer - Med Table
Propofol dose,
Propofol class,
Propofol onset
36  cards
Med Math Conversions/ Tips
Lb in kg,
Cm in inches,
Equation for how many l left in t...
26  cards
Vasoactive, Autonomic, and Cardiovascular Drugs - Med Table
Metoprolol receptor,
Metoprolol dose,
Metoprolol onset
31  cards
Local Anesthetics - Med Table
Chloroprocaine toxic dose,
Chloroprocaine doa,
Chloroprocaine ester or amide
18  cards
NA1 Final - Focused Topics
Components of high pressure system,
Intermediate pressure system,
Low pressure system
45  cards
Does mild sedation need etco2 per...,
When do you have to monitor tempe...,
Npo for food non clear liquids fo...
28  cards
FINAL Eyes (3Q)
What occurs when the oculocardiac...,
T f the oculocardiac reflex fatig...,
Oculocardiac reflex seen most oft...
39  cards
FINAL Obesity (2Q)
Bmi formula,
Healthy weight is classified as a...,
Overwt is defined by a bmi of
24  cards
FINAL Elderly (3Q)
Max hr equation,
How does having a fib lower co,
What maintains perfusion when som...
31  cards
FINAL Ortho (3Q)
Methods to prevent tourniquet com...,
Tourniquets are typically applied...,
T f time of tourniquet inflation ...
57  cards
FINAL GU/Renal (4Q)
Open nephrectomy is performed in ...,
2 main type of major urologic sur...,
Intraperitoneal pressure _ mmhg r...
44  cards
What are the common respiratory c...,
When is an ett indicated for an egd,
What are the most common symptoms...
55  cards
FINAL Gyn/Lap/Robot (4Q)
Most complications from lap proce...,
Co2 is the perfect insufflating g...,
In some pts the _ _ that coincide...
42  cards
FINAL Allergy (4Q)
Nagelhout anaphylaxis assessment,
Nagelhout anaphylaxis initial tre...,
Nagelhout anaphylaxis epinephrine...
9  cards

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