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ENDO Pulpal and Periradicular Diseases
What are the three components of ...,
Can the pulp respond to edema ie ...,
Pulp lacks collateral circulation...
159  cards
ENDO Basic Endodontic Treatment Procedures
What are the 4 objectives of nons...,
What is the most important phase ...,
Proper access preparation maximiz...
141  cards
ENDO Procedural Complications
___ is an artificially created on...,
What happens to working length wh...,
Radiographically what might indic...
60  cards
ENDO Traumatic Injuries
Apical injuries may result in ___...,
T or f teeth with apical injuries...,
Apical displacement with injury t...
77  cards
ENDO Adjunctive Endodontic Treatment
What are the 5 components of the ...,
After injury or irritation what c...,
After injury irritation and prima...
60  cards
ENDO Posttreatment Evaluation
___ is a major cause of endodonti...,
Describe coronal leakage as a maj...,
Do temporary restorations provide...
26  cards
ENDO Sample Questions
An 8 year old girl presents to th...,
Symptomatic irreversible pulpitis...,
Which of the following statements...
38  cards
OPERATIVE Dental Caries
Which cells produce reparative de...,
___ is the process of occlusion o...,
Dental caries is a multifactorial...
55  cards
OPERATIVE Patient Assessment, Examination, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning
What are 6 aspects of patient ass...,
What are 4 important consideratio...,
What are 4 general considerations...
68  cards
OPERATIVE Instrumentation for Operative Dentistry Procedures
What are the two preparation hand...,
What are the 3 parts of a hand in...,
Operative cutting instrument form...
53  cards
OPERATIVE Preparation of Teeth
In the preparation of a tooth for...,
What are the 5 objectives of toot...,
What are the general factors affe...
70  cards
OPERATIVE Restoration of Teeth
___ are effective disinfectants p...,
Sealers provide occlusion of the ...,
Sealers are typically ___ solutions
213  cards
OPERATIVE Sample Questions
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following statements...,
Smooth surface caries refers to _...
32  cards
ORAL SURGERY Oral and maxillofacial Surgery
What are the two requirements for...,
When is a dental extraction indic...,
What are common teeth extracted f...
229  cards
ORAL SURGERY Local Anesthesia
___ is a drug that reversibly blo...,
What is the concept of critical l...,
T or f not all nerves are suscept...
61  cards
ORAL SURGERY Sample Questions
Which of the following does not r...,
Which of the following classifica...,
Which of the following does not r...
28  cards
ORAL DIAGNOSIS Pathology and Diagnosis pt 1
What percent of cleft lips are un...,
Cleft lips are caused by a defect...,
What is the occurrence of cleft lip
322  cards
ORAL DIAGNOSIS Pathology and Diagnosis pt 2
___ is a group of neoplasms of bo...,
In leukemias malignant cells occu...,
What are the causes of leukemias
191  cards
ORAL DIAGNOSIS Oral Radiology pt 1
Generation emission and absorptio...,
Electrons exist in orbitals aroun...,
The nucleus contains ___ and ___
194  cards
ORAL DIAGNOSIS Sample Questions
Acantholysis resulting from desmo...,
Hpv has been found in all of the ...,
Intranuclear viral inclusions are...
29  cards
ORTHO pt 1
Nearly ___ of adolescents and adu...,
An overjet of greater than ___mm ...,
A reverse overjet suggests which ...
207  cards
ORTHO pt 2
What are the two bracket slot siz...,
The magnitude of the forces gener...,
How can the mechanical behavior o...
147  cards
PEDO pt 1
Initiation bud stage of primary t...,
Which teeth arise from the dental...,
Failure of what stage of developm...
138  cards
PEDO pt 2
A basic rule in space management ...,
In the primary dentitions what ap...,
In the mixed dentition what appli...
119  cards
ORTHO PEDO Sample Questions
Which of the following statements...,
Bones of the cranial base include...,
According to scammons growth curv...
35  cards
___ is defined as the science and...,
What is a gingival index,
Why are periodontal indices not c...
86  cards
Which of the following is not a p...,
Which behavior change theory emph...,
A patient is conflicted about wea...
37  cards
Suppuration is an important measu...,
Normal physiologic tooth movement...,
Grade i mobility is defined as mo...
265  cards
PERIODONTICS Sample Questions
What is the dental wear caused by...,
Occlusal loading resulting in too...,
The distance from the cej to the ...
31  cards
The following suffix is indicativ...,
The following suffix is indicativ...,
The following suffix is indicativ...
195  cards
Botulinum toxin prevents the rele...,
Hemicholinium prevents the synthe...,
Why is it almost impossible to en...
154  cards
PHARMACOLOGY Sample Questions 1
Which of the following is a local...,
Procaine differs from lidocaine i...,
Which of the following local anes...
231  cards
PHARMACOLOGY Sample Questions 2
Two drugs a and b have the same m...,
According to the theory that agon...,
All of the following statements a...
178  cards
Fixed dental prostheses with ___ ...,
What is the prognosis of a single...,
In prosthodontics splinting teeth...
263  cards
The impression material that is m...,
A patient with complete dentures ...,
All of the following are a featur...
30  cards

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