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The Army ADP 1-0 / ADRP 1
What are the 7 army values,
When was the american continental...,
What does the uniform of the army...
23  cards
Land Navigation
What are the 2 ways to hold a com...,
What are the 3 kinds of north,
What is a map
7  cards
What publication covers rifle mar...,
What does pmi stand for,
How many phases of rifle marksman...
16  cards
Military Justice AR 27-10
What does ar 27 10 ch 3 cover,
What does ucmj stand for,
What is non judicial punishment u...
34  cards
Promotions And Reductions AR 600-8-19
What publication covers promotion...,
What are the 3 tanks soldiers aut...,
To get automatically promoted wha...
29  cards
SHARP AR 600-20
What do you do if you have been s...,
Who is overall responsible for th...,
What are the responsibilities of ...
42  cards
Counseling ATP 6-22.1
What does atp6 221 cover,
What is counseling,
What are the 3 major categories o...
50  cards
Army Leadership ADP 6-22
What does adp 6 22 cover,
What is an army leader,
What is leadership
50  cards
Wear And Appearance AR 670-1
What regulation covers army uniforms,
What does a soldiers appearance m...,
What is a matter of personal prid...
49  cards
ABCP AR 600-9
What does ar 600 9 cover,
What is the primary objective of ...,
Who is more likely to sustain and...
39  cards
First Aid FM 4-25.11
What is med evac,
What is cas evac,
What are the 3 steps in the evalu...
55  cards
Risk Management ATP 5-19
What are the 4 risk levels,
When should risk management be ap...,
What is risk management
6  cards
Suicide Prevention
What is the definition of suicide,
What are the suicide intense feel...,
Depression contributes to what of...
7  cards
Drill And Cermony TC 3-21.5
What are the 3 marching steps use...,
What tc covers drill and ceremony
2  cards
Comprehensive Soldier Fitness AR 350-3
What does ar 350 53 cover,
What are 5 dimensions of strength,
What are the 5 pillars of compreh...
6  cards
Army Training And Leader Development AR 350-1
What does adp 7 0 cover,
What are the 3 domains the army uses,
Who is responsible for training u...
29  cards
Chain Of Command
When was the nco support channel ...,
What is a sergeants business,
What is a sergeant
9  cards
Customs And Courtesies AR 600-25
What ar covers customs an courtesies,
Salutes are not required to be re...,
When do you salute in a building
30  cards
The Operations Process ADP 5-0
What adp covers the operations pr...,
What is the army s framework for ...,
What are the major mission comman...
8  cards
Army Programs
What does asap stand for,
What regulation covers asap,
What is the mission of asap
6  cards
Army Programs
What does adp 3 28 cover,
What is the purpose of dsca,
Who commands the national guard f...
8  cards
NCO Duties And Responsilities
What are an ncos responsibilities,
What 3 duties does and nco have,
What are specified duties
7  cards
What ar covers command mx
1  cards

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