network plus 12/10/23

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1.1 Protocols and ports
Types of Ports
51  cards
1.1 Explain the purposes and uses of ports and protocols.
51  cards
1.2 Explain devices, applications, protocols and services at their appropriate OSI layers.
The advantages of the osi model,
The dis advantages of the osi model
10  cards
1.3 Explain the concepts and characteristics of routing and switching.
Broadcast domains,
Arp requests,
How is an arp request sent
67  cards
1.4 given a scenario, configure the appropriate IP addressing components.
Ip address consists of two portions,
Network id,
Host id
20  cards
1.5 Compare and contrast the characteristics of network topologies, types and technologies.
Network topology,
Phyiscal topology,
Logical topology
4  cards
1.6 Given a scenario, implement the appropriate wireless technologies and configurations
34  cards
2.5 Compare and contrast WAN technologies.
What is dsl,
How does dsl work,
Two types of dsl connections
51  cards
3.2 Compare and contrast business continuity and disaster recovery concepts
Install and configure a web server
1  cards
Wifi signal analyzer,
Does microsoft have it s own wifi...,
Spectrum analyzer
15  cards
1.7 summarize cloud concepts and their purposes
What is sas,
Examples of software as a service
9  cards
1.8 Explain the functions of network services
Which dns record can be used for ...,
Which dns records is found in a r...,
What is an ip exlustion
31  cards
2.1 Given the scenario, deploy the appropriate cabling solution
Utp uses how many pairs of wires,
Two types of copper cables,
What is cross talk
4  cards
Compare and contrast various devices, their features, and their appropriate placement on the network.
16  cards
Compare and contrast various devices, their features, and their appropriate placement on the network. part 3
2  cards
1.2 Network access services
Which layer does the nic work,
What is the nic job,
Layer 1 nic
13  cards
1.3 Network address translation
How to route non routable ip addr...,
Can private ip addresses connect ...,
What are non routable ip address s
7  cards

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