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Cranial Nerves
Cranial nerve 1,
Cranial nerve 2,
Cranial nerve 3
21  cards
Cortexes & Brodmann areas
Brodmann area 4,
Brodmann area 6,
Brodmann area 44 45
23  cards
What is the function of the cns a...,
What is the function of the pns a...,
What are the two functional nervo...
233  cards
Define syncope,
Define pre near syncope,
How to determine of someone exper...
19  cards
TBI & Concussions
Cause of tbi,
Complications of a tbi,
Diagnostic testing for tbi
43  cards
Cerebrovascular Accidents
Define stroke,
What is the most common and most ...,
Describe fast
35  cards
Seizures & Epilepsy
Define seizure,
What are the diagnostic criteria ...,
What are the types of focal seizures
40  cards
Tourette & ALS
Describe tourette syndrome,
Describe the rule of 3rds with to...,
What is the functional and chemic...
35  cards
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Define crps,
Describe the 2 types of crps and ...,
Describe some of the precipitatin...
27  cards
Headaches & Tumors
Describe the origin points of hea...,
Describe the red flags in headach...,
Describe the onset and epidemiolo...
53  cards
Movement Disorders
How would parkison s disease be d...,
Describe the etiology of parkinson s,
What are the cardinal signs of pa...
45  cards
CP and GBS
What is cerebral palsy,
Define muscle tone,
Define hypotonia
45  cards
CNS Infections
What are the causes of cns infect...,
Define meningitis,
Define encephalitis
65  cards
Peripheral Neuropathies
Define peripheral neuropathy,
What are large myelinated axons r...,
What are small myelinated axons r...
29  cards
How does ct work,
What is ct the most sensitive spe...,
What are some limitations of ct
37  cards
ROS Questions
General ros,
Skin ros,
Msk ros
11  cards
Neuroanatomy (pictures)
47  cards
Neuro Patient Cases
Jeremy is an 18 yo male who prese...,
Clarissa is a 17 yo female who pr...,
Agatha is a 70 yo pt who presents...
63  cards
Neuropharmacology Formulary
Name the 6 major asms,
Name the 2 classes of dementia me...,
Name the 6 major classes of drugs...
29  cards
Multiple Sclerosis & Myasthenia Gravis
Define ms,
What is the epidemiology of ms,
Describe the pathophysiology of ms
56  cards
Dementia vs Delirium
Define dementia,
Define mild cognitive impairment,
Define delirium
37  cards
Neuro Physical Exam
What are the things you are check...,
Describe what you are checking re...,
Describe what you are looking for...
25  cards

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