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Quiz 1: Failure to breathe at birth and resuscitation
How many infants breathe well at ...,
Which vital sign is included in t...,
Most newborn infants that breathe...
20  cards
Quiz 2: Assessing gestational age and size at birth
Gestation is measured from the da...,
What is the average gestational a...,
An infant with a gestational age ...
20  cards
Quiz 3: The routine care of normal infants
What is a normal infant an infant...,
What type of care is needed by a ...,
When should the umbilical cord be...
20  cards
Quiz 4: Feeding normal infants
Why is it important for infants t...,
When should you start promoting t...,
What advice should you give to a ...
20  cards
Quiz 7: Temperature control and hypothermia
The body temperature of a newborn...,
The normal abdominal skin tempera...,
Newborn infants produce heat by s...
20  cards
Quiz 8: Glucose control and hypoglycaemia
Glucose is stored in the body as ...,
In the healthy newborn infant the...,
The normal blood glucose concentr...
20  cards
Quiz 9: Jaundice, anaemia and polycythaemia
What is the definition of jaundic...,
Bilirubin is formed by the breakd...,
What is the normal total serum bi...
20  cards
Quiz 13: Trauma and bleeding
What is a caput succedaneum a fra...,
What is a cephalhaematoma a bleed...,
What is the management of a cepha...
20  cards
Quiz 14: Congenital Disorders
How many infants are born with a ...,
Which infants should be examined ...,
When should you anticipate the bi...
20  cards

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