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Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
What does article 14 of the europ...,
What are the protected characteri...,
Portelli v london legal and imagi...
23  cards
Mens Rea
Mens rea,
W criminal justice act 1967 which...,
33  cards
Actus Reus
Actus reus,
Criminal conduct,
For a person to be found guilty o...
54  cards
Instituting Criminal Proceedings
There are many ways in which the ...,
How are criminal proceeding insti...,
Criminal justice act 2003 s 29
15  cards
Court Procedure and Witnesses
Plea of guilty by post,
Plea of guilty by post keynote,
Mode of trial
34  cards
Entry, Search and Seizure
Searching persons,
Immigration act 1971,
Exclusion of evidence
30  cards
Detention and Treatment of Persons by Police Officers
Custody officers,
Designated support staff,
Investigating officers
104  cards
Identification at the scene,
R v oscar 1991,
R v el hinnachi 1998
47  cards
What should be disclosed to the s...,
R v argent 1997,
Black v r 2020
18  cards
Release of Person Arrested
Person arrested elsewhere than at...,
Variation of bail conditions police,
Variation of bail conditions court
51  cards
Disclosure of Evidence Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 and Code of Practice
Failure to comply,
Disclosing initial details of the...,
Obligations on prosecution regard...
47  cards
The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
Surveillance and covert human int...,
Use and conduct
20  cards
Murder common law,
Unlawful killing
21  cards
Misuse of Drugs
Temporary class drug orders,
56  cards
Terrorism and Associated Offences
Terrorism is defined in the terro...,
Terrorism defined,
Membership of a proscribed organi...
33  cards
Offences under the computer misus...,
Unauthorised access to computer m...,
Unauthorised access to computer m...
24  cards
Racial and Religiously Aggravated Offences
The offences that can become raci...,
The offences,
Section 28 of the crime and disor...
13  cards
Non-fatal Offences Against the Person
Mental elements of assault,
What is immediate
44  cards
Hatred and Harassment Offences
Offences involving racial religio...,
Use of words or behaviour or disp...,
Use of words or behaviour or disp...
52  cards
Domestic Abuse
The domestic abuse act 2021 provi...,
Definition of domestic abuse,
In relation to s 1 2 a above the ...
13  cards
Child Protection
Child abduction,
Child abduction person connected ...,
Connected with a child
22  cards
Offences Involving the Deprivation of Liberty
False imprisonment common law,
False imprisonment,
Kidnapping common law
28  cards
Protecting Citizens and the Community - Injunctions
Section 34 of the 2009 act as ame...,
Injunctions to prevent gang relat...,
Injunctions under the anti social...
13  cards
Public Order Offences
Offenceaffray public order act 19...,
Offencefear or provocation of vio...
16  cards
Offences Involving Standards of Driving
Offencecausing death by dangerous...,
Causing death by dangerous driving,
Causes the death of another
28  cards
Sexual Offences
The sexual offences amendment act...,
Offences covered
6  cards
Rape sexual offences act 2003 s1,
Criminal conduct
10  cards
Sexual Assault
Assault by penetration sexual off...,
Assault by penetration,
Definition of the term sexual
9  cards
Sexual Offences Against Children
Sexual activity with a child sexu...,
Sexual activity with a child,
Causing or inciting a child to en...
46  cards
Sexual Offences Against People with a Mental Disorder
Definition of mental disorder,
Sexual activity with a person wit...,
Sexual activity with a person wit...
9  cards
Preparatory Offences
Administering substance with inte...,
Administering substance with intent,
Committing criminal offence with ...
6  cards
Other Sexual Offences
Sex with an adult relative penetr...,
Sex with an adult relative consen...,
Sex with an adult relative
8  cards
Theft theft act 1968 s 1,
Low value shoplifting
28  cards
Robbery theft act 1968 s 8,
Robbery example,
The theft element of the offence
10  cards
Blackmail theft act 1968 s 21,
Section 34 of the 1968 act states
6  cards
Burglary theft act 1968 s 9,
11  cards
Aggravated Burglary
Aggravated burglary theft act 196...,
Aggravated burglary,
At the time
12  cards
Handling Stolen Goods
Handling stolen goods theft act 1...,
Handling stolen goods,
21  cards
Fraud fraud act 2006 s 1,
Gain and loss
22  cards
Proceeds of Crime
Proceeds of crime act 2002,
The proceeds of crime act 2002 s ...,
Section 340 4 states that it is i...
12  cards
Criminal Damage
Simple damage criminal damage act...,
Simple damage,
Racially or religiously aggravate...
25  cards

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