nur 115: intro to nursing

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Chapter 1
Advanced practice nurse aprn an r...,
Authoritative statements of the d...,
Standards that describe a compete...
29  cards
Session 2: Legal
From federal and state constituti...,
Civil state laws defines nursing ...,
Protect society and provide punis...
21  cards
Session 2: Obtaining Licensure
What are the 3 steps to obtaining...,
When you apply to the state board...,
When you register for testing and...
17  cards
Session 1: Nursing Today
What are the 3 things that make n...,
Nursing care is based on a body o...,
After becoming licensed this asso...
28  cards
Client Needs
The care of acute chronic and or ...,
Assessing monitoring patient medi...,
Providing comfort and assistance ...
8  cards
Session 3: Ethics And Values
Commitment to inclusion of the pa...,
Implies that the best interest of...,
Avoidance of harm hurt equal comm...
17  cards
The surgeon s obligations to desc...,
Providing vaccinations for the ge...,
Stopping a medication that is sho...
17  cards
Session 5: Clinical Judgement + Nursing Process
What are the 3 components of ebp,
The ____________ is a 5 step clin...,
The nursing process format is spe...
21  cards
Session 5: Communication
Helps nurses overcome bias or hum...,
Examples silent withdrawn sad dep...,
28  cards
Session 6: Culteral Competence
Aka transcultural care based on c...,
Nurses must address personal bias...,
Unintentional biases can influenc...
19  cards
Session 6: Spiritual Health
Awareness of one s inner self and...,
A relationship exists between spi...,
Faith hope religion inner peace a...
6  cards
Session 7: Effective Teamwork
What 3 things must a nurse be abl...,
Know thyself value and manage div...,
1 overlapping roles and issues of...
6  cards
Session 7: Healthcare Delivery
Wellness and health promotion wer...,
Emphasizing wellness sifted focus...,
Focuses on improved outcomes and ...
26  cards

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nur 115: intro to nursing

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