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Fluid and Electroytes lecture
98  cards
Tissue Integrity/Burns lecture
Burn prevention tips,
Name the types of burns,
Burn caused by fire steam scald h...
112  cards
Dialysis and Kidney transplants lecture
In what groups of people is ckd m...,
Most common causes of ckd,
Risk factors for ckd
70  cards
ABG Refresher :)
Normal ph,
Normal co2,
Normal hco3 22 26
17  cards
Unit one exam
Rule of nines for adults,
Adult fluid resuscitation rate fo...,
Fluid resuscitation calculation f...
130  cards
Unit one practice questions
A nurse is teaching a client who ...,
A nurse is monitoring a client wh...,
A nruse is caring for a client wh...
48  cards
All of the following are risk fac...,
Name some risk factors of ards,
The following describes what acut...
104  cards
Mechanical Ventilation
What is the purpose of mechanical...,
What is the purpose goal of mecha...,
What will happen if a patient can...
87  cards
Extensive scarring of the liver c...,
All of the following are s s of w...,
Risk factors for cirrhosis
47  cards
Risk factors for hepatitis,
List the clinical manifestations ...,
Complications of hepatitis
38  cards
What kind of pancreatitis is this...,
What kind of pancreatitis is this...
67  cards
Unit 2 exam
Conditions that would put someone...,
List clinical manifestations for ...,
Earliest sign of ards
181  cards
CV System review
Primary function of the cv system,
What part of the vascular system ...,
What part of the vascular system ...
50  cards
Unit 3 exam
4 determinants of cardiac output,
The number of cardiac contraction...,
Increases hr by releasing norepin...
60  cards
EKG Rhythms
Name this rhythm,
Name this rhythm,
Name this rhythm
111  cards
Perfusion - Study guide 3
Four determinants of cardiac output,
The number of cardiac contraction...,
Increases hr by releasing norepin...
31  cards
CV Disease - Exam 3
Labs for mi,
Labs for cardiomyopathy,
Labs for cardiogenic shock
78  cards
Cardiogenic & Septic Shock - Exam 3
Clinical manifestations of septic...,
S s of decreased cardiac op,
Medications used to treat cardiog...
22  cards
Central Line care - exam 3
What to report to md immediately ...,
How can a central lines patency b...,
When monitoring a patients cvp wh...
14  cards
Medications - exam 3
Use work by blocking epinephrine ...,
Use prevent clot formationeffects...,
Use to treat infection in sepsis ...
47  cards
CHD - Exam 3
What chd is this atrial septal de...,
Treatment interventions for asd,
What chd is this full bounding pu...
24  cards
Mobility: Spinal cord injuries & guillain Barre syndrome
Types of spinal cord damage,
What type of spinal cord injury i...
78  cards
Cranial nerve pop quiz
On occasion our trusty truck acts...,
Sense of smell,
13  cards
Unit 4 exam
Salt what does it stand for,
What tag is this for mass casualt...,
What mass casualty tag would this...
90  cards
Emergency management, violence, PTSD, Communication - Unit 4 exam
What mass casualty color code wou...,
All of the following are s s of w...,
What mass casualty color code wou...
56  cards
SCI & GBS Unit 4 exam
Avoid the use of what when cleans...,
List s s of neurogenic shock,
How often should pin sites of hal...
58  cards
Medications - Unit 4 exam
All of the following are examples...,
Action increased cardiac contract...,
When administering epinephrine if...
40  cards
Types of Shock - Unit 4
All of the following are s s of w...,
Failure of the heart to pump effe...,
All of the following are s s of w...
15  cards
1  cards

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