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CH. 9 Quantitative Research Design
What type of research design occu...,
What type of design occurs when t...,
What is a limitation of the resea...
20  cards
CH 11. Qualitative Design and Approaches
What type of research design occu...,
What type of design occurs when t...,
What is a limitation of the resea...
22  cards
CH 10. Sampling and Data Collection in Quantitative Studies
Sampling is familiar to us all in...,
What is bias sampling a elements ...,
What type of sampling occurs in w...
20  cards
CH 12. Sampling and Data Collection in Qualitative Studies
Qualitative researchers use the c...,
Qualitative researchers often beg...,
Qualitative researchers like quan...
20  cards
CH 14. Statistical Analysis of Quantitative Data
Quantitative nurse researchers ty...,
A nurse researcher documents the ...,
What is the first step in the dev...
19  cards
CH 15. Interpretation and Clinical Significance in Quantitative Research
Researchers who collect quantitat...,
Careful researchers lay out a dat...,
How must quantitative data be cod...
20  cards
CH 16. Analysis of Qualitative Data
The first major step that a resea...,
Before the advent of computer sof...,
Which of the following statements...
22  cards
CH 17. Trustworthiness and Integrity in Qualitative Research
What is one contentious issue in ...,
The most often used framework of ...,
What is credibility in the often ...
20  cards
CH4. Reading and Critiquing Research Articles
Which electronic database is wide...,
He rn is doing a basic search of ...,
In an electronic literature searc...
20  cards
Research Design
A nurse researcher is studying th...,
A nurse researcher implemented a ...,
A nurse researcher plans a study ...
20  cards
Finals Review
1 the research design for a quant...,
2 a nurse researcher tested wheth...,
3 when researchers withhold infor...
60  cards

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