nursing 120 - fundamentals of nursing - taylor

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Decks in this class (15)

Chapter 23 - Nurse Leader and Manager
Five rights of delegation,
Right task,
Right circumstances
22  cards
Chapter 28 - Complementary & Alternative Therapies
What is cat,
Principles and approaches,
Cat categories
16  cards
Chapter 32 - Skin Integrity and Wound Care
Body defenses against injury,
Layers of skin,
Factors affecting skin integrity
34  cards
Chapter 34 - Rest and Sleep
Reticular activating system,
Circadian rhythm,
Nrem sleep
14  cards
Chapter 36 - Nutrition
How does malnutrition affect heal...,
Food and the hospitalized patient,
Obesity and the hospitalized patient
28  cards
Chapter 43 - Loss Grief and Dying
Key terms,
Stages of grieving,
Dysfunctional grief
28  cards
Chapter 44 - Sensory Functioning
Sensory stimulation,
Conditions of the sensory experience,
19  cards
Chapter 45 - Sexuality
Components of sexuality,
Who definition,
Factors affecting sexuality
16  cards
Chapter 46 - Spirituality
3 spiritual needs shelly fish,
Meeting spiritual needs,
Concepts related to spirituality
27  cards
Chapter 20 - The Aging Adult
When are we old,
Theories of aging,
The middle adult
34  cards
Chapter 22 - Teacher and Counselor
Aims of patient education,
Nurse caregiver teaching outcomes,
3 critical areas of patient educa...
17  cards
Pressure Ulcers
Stage 1,
Stage 2,
Stage 3
13  cards
Chapter 36.2 - Enteral Tube Insertion and Feeding
Oral feeding safety,
Oral feeding,
Indications for enteral nutrition
15  cards
Chapter 32 - Wound Care
Bandages and binders,
Types of bandages,
Applying roller bandages
16  cards
Chapter 44 - Neuro Assessment
Health history approaches,
Neurological assessment,
Pertinent history
11  cards

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nursing 120 - fundamentals of nursing - taylor

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