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Intro !
How do you select a research topic,
Who is affected how severe is the...,
Has the topic been investigated b...
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Transes Flashcards Pt.1
Problem solving activity involves...,
Systematic and rigorousinvestigat...,
Covers the full spectrum ofresear...
22  cards
Transes Flashcards Pt.2
Background and quality ofthe rese...,
How large widespread isthe proble...,
Has it been investigatedbefore ar...
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Transes Flashcards Pt.3
It is a survey of scholarly mater...,
Body ofresearch and writing in a ...,
Previousprojects or investigation...
41  cards
Is the process of selecting arepr...,
Is the collection of all outcomes...,
Is a subset of a population
15  cards
Qualitative Research Data
Lived experiences of persons who ...,
Systematic study of the story and...,
Exploration of a phenomenon withi...
34  cards
Qualitative Research Data 2
Staying in a single location for ...,
Moving around the site toobserve ...,
Involves following a personthroug...
17  cards
Refer to the data obtained direct...,
Refer to data or information that...,
Data taken from the company s own...
22  cards
This mode of presentation combine...,
This mode of presentation is bett...,
It is a most effective means of p...
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Ethical Considerations in Protocol Development
The ethical discomfort in the use...,
The goal of much research is soci...,
An autonomous person is an indivi...
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Practical Considerations in Research
O involved in cpg projects funded...,
Practical considerations,
Things to consider
12  cards
Informed Consent
A process by which a subject volu...,
Elements of informed consent,
22  cards
Research involving children and adolescents
As adolescents near the age of ma...,
Deliberate objection which differ...,
Recs may waive parental permissio...
5  cards
File preparation recruitment pati...,
Quality management submissions co...,
Nurse in clinical research should...
29  cards
Experimental or not study related...,
Qualification to address the clin...,
Role of investigator being at the...
24  cards
Nursing research is designed to y...,
Within nursing profession certain...,
An authority is a person with spe...
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