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How many members serve on the sta...,
How many public members non pharm...,
What is the name of the agency th...
113  cards
Pharmacy Practice
Refill transfers the pharmacist a...,
Refill transfers the pharmacist a...,
Ce records must keep for 6 years ...
152  cards
Nursing Homes
The drug regimen of each resident...,
The facility shall permit access ...,
The facility shall provide separa...
28  cards
Continuing Education (CE)
Any licensee participating in col...,
How many ce credit hours are requ...,
What is the minimum amount of con...
29  cards
Controlled Substances, Opioid OD Prevention, & Medical Marijuana
By which method s can unwanted co...,
If the department does not grant ...,
Trained overdose responder means ...
97  cards
Licensure & Disciplinary Hearings
To qualify for a pharmacist s lic...
1  cards
Which of the following is are tru...,
Registered practitioners and regi...,
Practitioners shall immediately n...
30  cards
Drug Retail Price Lists
Every registered pharmacy that se...,
The sign shall state in bold bloc...,
Such registered pharmacies that o...
6  cards
Mail Order Pharmacies & Nonresident Establishments
A registered nonresident manufact...,
A registered nonresident outsourc...,
In order to be registered nonresi...
8  cards
Hospitals & Other Institutional Dispensers
Controlled substances prescribed ...,
Institutional dispensers and limi...,
Schedule i ii iii and iv controll...
37  cards
All anti neoplastic drugs shall b...,
Protective apparel shall be worn by,
Prepared doses of anti neoplastic...
5  cards
Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA)
Dispensing a drug product that is...,
The poison prevention packaging a...,
This act requires what type of pa...
15  cards
Direct-To-Consumer Advertising
Prescription drug advertising is ...,
Otc drug advertising is overseen by,
Fda requires an ad to have 3 elem...
7  cards
Which of the following can be sol...,
The place of auctioning must be r...,
There must also be a certificate ...
7  cards
Regulation, Disciplinary Hearings and Professional Conduct
Which agency or agencies enforce ...,
The new york board of pharmacy co...,
The ny board of pharmacy shall ha...
15  cards
Optometrists authorized to prescr...,
Which diagnostic topical agents c...,
Which phase one topical agents ca...
10  cards
Outsourcing Facilities
What is an outsourcing facility
1  cards
Physician Assistants (PAs)
Medical services provided by a pa...,
How are pas required to sign pres...,
In private practice on physician ...
7  cards
Licensed Midwives
What are the responsibilities of ...,
What education does one need to b...,
Applicants for midwife licensure ...
6  cards

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