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Which disorder is associated with...,
Talipes equinovarus,
Develops from an infarction of bo...
29  cards
Cardiac abnormalities associated ...,
Most common cause of congestive h...,
S s of congestive early heart fai...
50  cards
Hyper resonance is often heard in...,
What are some examples of obstruc...,
What is the normal fev in a healt...
20  cards
If a child has gastroenteritis wh...,
Are antimotility drugs choice of ...,
What is the 1st drug of choice fo...
36  cards
Common genetic disorders
Most common genetic disorder 1 kl...,
Which disease has brushfield spot...,
List common physical findings see...
18  cards
Newborn screening
Which of the following are not as...,
What are 4 most important disorde...,
What position is used to treat de...
9  cards
Aj went to a birthday party and w...,
What do you use to treat tinea ve...,
What do you use to treat tinea co...
15  cards
A hirschberg pupillary light refl...,
What two genetic conditions often...,
Does a hordeolum have a slow or a...
19  cards
90 of meningitis occurs between w...,
Kernig sign is what,
Brudzinski sign is what
19  cards
What is the normal range for an m...,
Microcytic mcv is,
Macrocytic mcv is
32  cards
What is the symogi effect,
What is the dawn phenomenon,
How do you differential between s...
14  cards
What is enuresis,
What are the 2 major organisms re...,
How many days does a pt stay on a...
22  cards

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