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Antepartum Assessment & Assessing the Fetus:
53  cards
Complications of Pregnancy:
Abortion miscarriage,
Ectopic pregnancy most common site,
Ectopic pregnancy s s
48  cards
Definition of human trafficking,
Red flags how to identify a victi...,
Human trafficking nursing interve...
3  cards
Maternal Adaptations to Pregnancy
Cervical changes,
Breasts changes,
Cardiovascular system changes
30  cards
Most frequently diagnosed stis,
7  cards
Normal Newborn: Process of adaptation
Respiratory adaptations,
Fetal breathing,
Promotion of oxygenation
22  cards
High Risk Newborn
Preterm premature newborn,
Assessment of respiratory distress,
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia bpd
15  cards
The Child with Cardiovascular Dysfunction
Anatomy and physiology of pediatr...,
Fetal circulation,
Cardiovascular adaptations
43  cards
The Child with Musculoskeletal or Articular Dysfunction
Pediatric vs adult fractures,
Pediatric injury risks,
Complete fracture nursing implica...
15  cards
Childhood Integumentary Disorders
Dermatophytoses treatment
15  cards
The Child with Alterations in Neurologic Function
Anatomic differences between adul...,
Alterations in neurologic functio...,
Pupil findings in various neurolo...
24  cards
The Child with Neuromuscular or Muscular Dysfunction
Cerebral palsy,
Causes of cerebral palsy prenatal...,
Causes of cerebral palsy 2nd 3rd ...
20  cards
The Child with Cancer
Leukemia acute lymphocytic leukem...,
Leukemia acute lymphocytic leukem...,
Leukemia acute lymphocytic leukem...
14  cards
Pediatric End of Life Care
Infant and toddler 1 2,
Infant and toddler 1 2 nursing in...,
Early childhood 2 7
8  cards
Childhood Communicable Diseases & Immunizations
Varicella chickenpox transmission,
Varicella chickenpox,
Varicella chickenpox
40  cards
The Child with Gastrointestinal Dysfunction
Pediatric differences in anatomy ...,
Distribution of body water,
Types of dehydration
31  cards
The child with Genitourinary dysfunction
Development of the gu system,
Uti urinary tract infections,
17  cards
Genetic Disorders
Down syndrome trisomy 21 s s,
Fragile x syndromegenetic,
Fragile x syndromeincidence
5  cards

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