ocr a level chemistry

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Compounds, formulae, and equations
What is the formula for a nitride...,
What is the charge on a sulfate ion,
What is the charge on an aluminiu...
8  cards
Atomic basics and ionisation energy
Define atomic number,
Define isotope,
Define mass number
20  cards
Electron structure
Define orbital,
What is the trend in ionisation e...,
Name the 4 shapes of orbitalsfor ...
14  cards
Acids, bases, and salts definitions
Define acid,
Define base,
Define alkali
9  cards
Redox reactions
In terms of electron transfer wha...,
In terms of electron transfer wha...,
Define oxidising agent
14  cards
Testing for ions
How are halide ions tested for,
What indicated the presence of th...,
What can act as a further test to...
20  cards
Acids, bases, alkalis, and neutralisation
What is the relationship between ...,
What is the relationship between ...,
Explain why in the following reac...
20  cards
Bonding and structure- bonding
What is meant by the term ionic bond,
What is meant by the term covalen...,
What is a molecule
37  cards
Bonding and structure- shape of molecules
What shape occurs when there are ...,
What is the bond angle in linear ...,
Give an example of a substance wi...
36  cards
Electronegativity and bond polarity
What is electronegativity,
What is a dipole,
How are dipoles induced
14  cards
The mole
Define amount of substance,
Define mole,
Define avogadros constant
38  cards
The Periodic table trends
What do elements in a period show,
Why do elements in a period show ...,
What is a group
35  cards
Group 2 metals
Give the equation for ca reacting...,
What test can be used to see if h...,
Why does hydrogen cause a squeaky...
22  cards
Group 7
What colour is chlorine at rtp,
What colour is bromine at rtp,
What colour is iodine at rtp
38  cards
Define aliphatic,
Define homologous series,
Define functional group
40  cards
What is the functional group of a...,
Compared to alkanes how reactive ...,
Why are carbon carbon double bond...
32  cards
Write the word equation for the p...,
What are the conditions under whi...,
What is the equation for the form...
47  cards
What is reflux,
Why is reflux used
2  cards
What is the catalyst required for...,
What two reactants are needed to ...,
From which reactant is the first ...
5  cards
Give two everyday uses of infrare...,
Define climate change,
What are the 3 most important gre...
6  cards
Enthalpy change
What symbol is used for the energ...,
What symbol is used for the energ...,
What is meant by enthalpy
34  cards
Lattice enthalpy
Define lattice enthalpy,
What is the symbol for lattice en...,
What symbol accompanies lattice e...
36  cards
Entropy/free energy
Define entropy,
What is the symbol for entropy,
What is the unit of entropy
19  cards
Enthaply of solution and hydration
0  cards
Rate Equation/Orders Of Reaction
Define rate equation,
Define order of reaction,
Define rate constant
11  cards
Define rate of reaction,
What are the units of rate of rea...,
What is the effect of an increase...
18  cards
Define dynamic equilibrium,
What is meant by a closed system,
State 4 characteristics of a dyna...
3  cards
Boltzmann distribution
Where must the boltzmann distribu...,
What does the peak represent,
At high energy what happens to th...
14  cards
Carboxylic acids and Esters
What is the name given to salts f...,
What is the standard test for a c...,
What is a carboxylic acid derivative
5  cards
Arenes (Aromatic compounds)
0  cards

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