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What does dc cowpad stand for,
What is the ethics guideline rega...,
What are the ethics guidelines re...
17  cards
sample and sampling
What is a sample,
What is sampling,
What is a target population
17  cards
What is a structured observation,
What are the strengths of structu...,
What are the weaknesses of struct...
37  cards
Define independent variable,
Define dependent variable,
Define extraneous variables
26  cards
descriptive statistics
What are the measures of central ...,
What are the advantages of the mean,
What are the disadvantages of the...
7  cards
What are correlations used for,
What type of data do correlations...,
What are the similarities between...
8  cards
Define validity,
Define internal validity,
Define face validity
10  cards
levels of data
What is interval data,
What measure of central tendency ...,
What graph is used for interval data
8  cards
Define reliability,
What is internal reliability,
What is the split half method
6  cards
What does the d in dajo stand for,
What does the a in dajo stand for,
What does the j in dajo stand for
7  cards
What is a self report,
What is a questionnaire,
What is an interview
30  cards
report writing
Why do you need to reference,
What is harvard referencing,
When do you reference
11  cards
psychology as a science
What does induction mean,
What does deduction mean,
What does objectivity mean
16  cards
standard deviation
What is standard deviation,
How do you calculate standard dev...
2  cards
distribution curves
Why would a distribution curve ha...,
Why would a distribution curve ha...,
What is a normal distribution cur...
6  cards
inferential stats
What are inferential statistics,
Why does psychology use statistic...,
What does p 005 mean
28  cards
section c
Answer structure for the question...,
Answer structure for briefly outl...,
Structure for using your psycholo...
4  cards
the cognitive area
What is behaviour due to,
What behaviours interest cognitiv...,
What does cognitive psychology co...
44  cards
the social area
According to the assumptions of t...,
How did allport 1985 define socia...,
What are behaviours of interest t...
51  cards
developmental area
According to the developmental ar...,
What are cognitive influences on ...,
Behavioural influences on develop...
48  cards
biological area
What is behaviour due to accordin...,
What is the brain,
What are hormones
59  cards
individual differences area
According to the psychodynamic pe...,
What are the theories underpinnin...,
Methodology of the psychodynamic ...
78  cards
cognitive area year 2
What is the classic study of year...,
What is the contemporary study of...,
What is attention
50  cards
social area year 2
Who was kitty genovese,
What is the bystander effect,
What is the diffusion of responsi...
38  cards
developmental area year 2
Strengths of the developmental area,
Who was kohlberg inspired by,
Aim of kohlberg
21  cards
biological area year 2
What is brain plasticity,
Aim of blakemore and cooper,
Sample of blakemore and cooper
23  cards
individual differences year 2
What are psychometric tests,
What was the aim of yerkes,
What was the aim of gould
27  cards
assumptions and applications
16  cards
Strength of breaking deception gu...,
Weakness of breaking deception gu...,
Strength of breaking consent guid...
57  cards
mental health
How is a mental disorder defined,
What was trepanning,
What were the old testament early...
181  cards
criminal psychology
What did brunner do in 1993,
What did brunner say about genes ...,
What is maoa
157  cards
child psychology
What is crystallised intelligence gc,
What is fluid intelligence gf,
Aim of van leeuwen
143  cards

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