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Quiz 1
What is an innocuous antigen,
What are atopic individuals,
What is the hygiene hypothesis
9  cards
Quiz 2
What does k stand for,
What is,
What kind of bond is sharing of e...
39  cards
Quiz 3
What is a hypersensitivity reaction,
What does anaphylaxis mean,
What is the recognition molecule ...
81  cards
Exam 1
What is an innocuous antigen,
What are atopic individuals,
What is the hygiene hypothesis
217  cards
Exam 1 Condensed
What is the mechanism of anti ige...,
What is the mechanism of anti il5...,
26  cards
Quiz 4
What is the central cell in the p...,
What is the central cell in the s...,
What 3 things is special about th...
88  cards
Exam 2
How long does the primary respons...,
What cell type is prominent in th...,
How long does it take the seconda...
168  cards
Quiz 7
What is an autoimmune reaction,
What is central tolerance,
What is peripheral tolerance
96  cards
Condensed Quiz 7
What causes the redness in psoriasis,
What causes the skin thickening i...,
What causes the white scales in p...
39  cards
Quiz 8
What are 3 inflammatory cytokines,
What is tnf a main function,
What is il 1b main function
44  cards
Final Exam
What is the hygiene hypothesis,
Type i hsr are mediated by what a...,
Type ___ hsr is responsible for a...
251  cards
Final (SLE AND MS)
Sle is different than ra because ...,
Sle affects what population more,
What are 5 common themes of sle
44  cards
Type 1 HSRs
What is a type i hsr,
What are the 3 phases of type i hsrs,
What happens during the early pha...
51  cards
Type II HSRs
What are type ii hsrs,
What are the 3 ab mediated cell d...,
What ig
18  cards
Type IV HSRs
What are delayed type iv hsrs,
What is the only hsr,
What happens in the sensitization...
43  cards
What are 4 types of non covalent ...,
What unit is the kd measured in,
What unit is the ka measured in
14  cards
Psoriasis v. AD
Psoriasis is th___ mediated,
Ad is th___ mediated,
Ad is a ______ reaction while pso...
23  cards
T Cells & Antigen Presentation
What are the 4 interactions in th...,
What cell s expres mhc class ii,
What do mature dcs upregulate
18  cards
What are the 3 inflammatory cytok...,
What is the role of tnf a,
What is the role of il 6
11  cards

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