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What are mins,
What are msns,
What are mgns
90  cards
Define vessel engaged in fishing,
Define vessel not under command,
Define vessel restricted in her a...
58  cards
Passage Planning
What are the four stages of passa...,
What do you consider in the appra...,
What do you do in the planning st...
24  cards
Under solas chapter v which publi...,
What are the required publication...,
What are the 6 admiralty lists of...
23  cards
What would you do if while steami...,
You are steaming 270 and you see ...,
Describe the light sequences for ...
42  cards
What does ecdis stand for,
What is the primary function of t...,
What is the difference between an...
28  cards
Chartwork & Compasses
What is a dead reckoning position,
What is a,
What is a running fix
34  cards
What does a solas pack a life raf...,
What do you do once in the liferaft,
What are the markings on a life raft
25  cards
MOB & Emergency Situations
What is an anderson turn and when...,
What is a williamson turn and whe...,
What is a scharnov turn
18  cards
Radar & ARPA
How would you set up a radar,
What determines a good radar cons...,
Under solas chapter v what nav eq...
36  cards
How does gps work,
How many satellites are required ...,
What is hdop
13  cards
Navigation Equipment
How does an echo sounder work,
What are the errors of an echo so...,
What is the best setup of an echo...
27  cards
What does the stcw code stipulate...,
What are the oow s primary duties,
Under the stcw cod the oow is
18  cards
What is a barograph,
What is a barometer,
What is a hygrometer and how is i...
28  cards
Why does a vessel return to the u...,
What is free surface effect,
What is a tender vessel
20  cards
Receipt of a distress message vhf...,
Receipt of a distress message vhf...,
Receipt of a distress message mf ...
28  cards
What three things make up the fir...,
What does fire stand for,
What actions should be taken when...
18  cards
What are the fixed errors of a se...,
What are the adjustable errors of...,
What is graduation error
10  cards
What are some of the requirements...,
What are the four items in the ma...,
What must you do before bringing ...
9  cards
What are the three types of rescue,
What is the process of salvage wi...,
What is the scopic clause
9  cards
What are some different types of ...,
What is bank effect,
What is squat
4  cards
What are the advantages of synthe...,
What are the advantages of natura...,
How often should a mooring line i...
5  cards
What is coswp,
Which vessels have to have a safe...,
List some sections in coswp relev...
22  cards

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