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Joining a ship / Taking Over
0  cards
Passage Planning and Pubs
What publications are ships requi...
1  cards
Principles of Keeping a Navigational Watch
What are your considerations when...,
What are the contributing factors...,
When should you call the master
9  cards
Electronic Nav Equipment
Echo sounder limitations,
Ecdis limitations,
What frequency does ais transmitt on
14  cards
Radar, ARPA and PI's
What are the different errors and...,
How would you set up a radar for ...,
What is changing when you are alt...
16  cards
Met and Synoptic Charts, TRS and Reporting
Types of weather instruments on t...,
What are the key relationships wh...,
Describe the weather as you pass ...
30  cards
Ship's Routeing & Mandatory Reporting Systems
What is the ships routeing guide,
What are some types of ship routeing,
What is the routeing chart
8  cards
Magnetic Compass and Gyrocompass
What are the different parts of a...,
What is variation,
What is deviation
12  cards
Steering Gear and Steering Systems
When would you consider switching...,
When should the manual steering b...,
What are the three types of steer...
6  cards
ICS Bridge Procedures Guide
What is the ics bridge procedures...,
What are the chapters for bridge ...
2  cards
Certificates and Surveys
What is the continuous synopsis r...,
What governs the issuance of elec...,
What are some key points of the i...
5  cards
Rendering Assistance, IAMSAR VOL III and Equipment Checks
What is iamsar vol iii,
Responding to an emergency on vhf,
When would you not respond to an ...
10  cards
Health and Safety & COSWP
What is the merchant shipping hea...,
What are the key points of health...,
What is coswp
8  cards
Bill of Lading
What is a bill of lading
1  cards
Life Saving Appliances (LSA)
What is the purpose of an emergen...,
What should you do if you set an ...,
What is the purpose of a search a...
31  cards
Lifting Equipment
Can lifting equipment not designe...,
What markings are required on lif...,
Define a competent person
5  cards
What vessels do psc insepct,
What is the purpose of psc,
What are regualtions are their in...
13  cards
What is the alternative complianc...,
What cert,
What ships are eligibile for acs
9  cards
What is the ism code,
What is the objective of the ism ...,
What is an sms
21  cards
What is isps,
What ships have to comply with is...,
Certs for isps
20  cards
What is the mlc,
What are the requirements for min...,
When can rest periods be overlooked
15  cards
What is marpol,
What are the annexes in marpol,
What is a marpol special area and...
16  cards
What is the international maritim...,
What are the different classes of...,
How would you find the emergency ...
9  cards
Safe Manning Document
Who issues the smd,
What is safe manning,
What document do you use to apply...
9  cards
Code of Conduct
What is the purpose of the mercha...,
Conduct in emergencies,
Conduct in day to day life
7  cards
Pilot ladder and Gangway
Max angle of gangway
1  cards
Ballast Water Management
1  cards
Location and use of deck isolatio...,
How do you check the integrity of...,
Ba test and checks
11  cards
Rope care and Maintenance
General good practice for rope care,
How often should a mooring line i...,
What are you looking for in a moo...
6  cards
Ship handling and Interaction
Describe step by step process for...,
Describe the process for short tu...,
Berthing stbd side alongside
14  cards
Emergency Situations
Mob stbd side what are your initi...,
Follow up actions for mob,
Call from ab fire in the paint lo...
10  cards
Dry Bulk Cargoes
What are the 3 groups of solid cargo,
Could a cargo be both a and b,
What documents are required to ca...
25  cards
Enclosed Space Entry
How does coswp define an enclosed...,
Does an enclosed space need to be...,
After an enclosed space is opened...
7  cards

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