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History Of Ortho
What 3 things does the orthodonti...,
Are malocclusions life threatening,
What do some malocclusions interf...
21  cards
Orthodontic Clincial Exam
When is the right time for an ort...,
Can you treat a class iii after a...,
What is our goal
25  cards
Growth And Development
74  cards
Epidemilogy/etiology Of Malocclusion
Percentage of normal occlusion cl...,
General factors,
23  cards
Biology And Biomechanics Of Tooth Movement
Another name for center of mass,
Do teeth have center of mass,
Center of resistance
48  cards
Diagonsis And Treatment Plan
Gather the data for problem orien...,
Antero posterior problems,
Vertical problems
14  cards
Ortho Tx Planning Primary Dentition (Resident)
What are the 5 advantages of earl...,
What are the 4 goals of intercept...,
Identification of problems
56  cards
Problems In The Mixed Dentition (Resident)
What are the two major causes of ...,
_______ with eruption which preve...,
__________ for adequate alignment...
50  cards
AP Problems (Resident)
What is early tx,
What cases benefit from early tx,
Benefits to the pt
40  cards
Banding And Bonding
What are the routinely banded teeth,
Steps in banding,
Two main methods of separation fo...
28  cards
Removable And Fixed Appliances : The Basics (Resident)
Removable appliances advantages,
Removable appliances disadvantages,
Types of removable appliances
46  cards
Maxillary Expansion
Diagnosis to expand,
Transverse deficiency,
22  cards
Managment Of Impacted Teeth
The tooth that has failed to erup...,
Most common impacted teeth,
Impacted max canine how much of p...
42  cards
Treatment Considertion In Orthognathic Surgery (Resisdent)
What to consider for treatment,
Options for tx,
What factors influence dental and...
64  cards
Etiology And Treatment Of Oral Habits
0  cards
Orthodontic Extraction Patterns
0  cards
Ortho Tx Of Cleft Lip/Palate
0  cards
Relapse And Retention
0  cards
Intro To Ceph
0  cards

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