osteopathic skills

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Range of Motion and Measurements
Impaired and altered function of ...,
Fractures sprains inflammatory pr...,
39  cards
Myofascial Release
Ratio of load to amount of deform...,
Soft tissue,
Inverse to stiffness
9  cards
ROM measurements
Cervical passive sidebending,
Cervical passive rotation,
Cervical flexion
37  cards
Hx of Osteopathy I & II
First woman to receive do degree ...,
Dos accepted by civil services as...,
One of foremost researcher in ost...
29  cards
Fellow's Review- Spinal Tx Quiz
Nudr acronym,
Steps of me,
Long restrictor tx
31  cards
Cervical Spine Dx
What type of spinal mechanics doe...,
What is the only motion found at ...,
What nerve roots are tested durin...
9  cards
Thoracic and Ribs
What level of spine is at inferio...,
Where is the spinous process of t...,
Document hard end feel on the rig...
12  cards
Lumbar Spine
What plane is associated with fle...,
What type of mechanics does lumba...,
When lumbar spine moves into flex...
13  cards
Innominate Diagnosis
3 bones that make up pelvis,
3 fused bones that make up innomi...,
2 tests to determine laterality
13  cards
Innominate Treatment
Name dysfunction pelvic compressi...,
In a supine me tx for an anterior...,
For a superior innominate sheer h...
6  cards
Sacral Treatment
Diagnostic test to determine side...,
Normal tests for evaluating sacra...,
What type of sacral dysfunctions ...
14  cards
Sacral Diagnosis
When the cranium goes into extens...,
When performing a lumbar spring t...,
Test to confirm lumbar spring test
12  cards
Cervical Spine Tx
What type of technique is me,
How would you treat oa f rrsl wit...,
What is the initial position that...
11  cards
Thoracic Spine Tx
Normal active range of motion occ...,
What type of end feel is felt whe...,
What are the primary movements fo...
14  cards
Rib Tx
What are the primary motions of t...,
What motion is felt at rib 1 rib ...,
Restriction of motion of the floa...
12  cards
Lumbar Spine Tx
Spinal mechanics found at lumbar,
For type 1 dysfunction where shou...,
How would you perform me for a ty...
14  cards
Ankle and Foot
Most common dysfunction of the na...,
Most common dysfunction of the cu...,
In a plantar navicular dysfunctio...
17  cards
Shoulder OSCE
2 functional joints of shoulder,
3 true synovial joints of shoulder,
3 bones that make up shoulder girdle
11  cards
Elbow, Wrist, Hand OSCE
Carrying angle,
Ca 15,
21  cards
Knee and Hip OSCE
Hip flexors,
Hip extensors,
What else can hip extension dysfu...
7  cards
Chapman's Lecture
What are the components of a mono...,
How does a monosynaptic reflex work,
What are the components of a soma...
21  cards

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