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Extraoral examinations
Extraoral and intraoral exams mus...,
Exam classifications normal wnl,
Exam classifications atypical
79  cards
Intraoral examination
We continue to see an increase of...,
Current research implicates the h...,
Oral cancer a biopsy involving th...
147  cards
What is the purpose of the period...,
Probing depth measures the depth ...,
Periodontal probe measures the di...
21  cards
First impression
Communication skills needed for p...,
When communicating with a patient...,
T f simply providinginfo is enoug...
21  cards
Occlusal examination
Malocclusion is when a deflection...,
Angles classification is based of...,
Angles classification is based of...
60  cards
Types of clinical examinations
The foundation of any form of suc...,
Diagnosis is the bridge between t...,
Inform before you __
51  cards
Types of cement
6 types of cements,
Zinc phosphate advantages,
No cement will preform to its opt...
51  cards
2021 TEST Bank
Which cement is incompatible with...,
What is the most common reason pe...,
T fsince most cements can adhere ...
28  cards
Test 2023
Identify this picture,
What position is this,
You buy an at home bleaching kit ...
18  cards
Exam 1
What is not a symptom of someone ...,
What is this lymphnode,
What is another name for median g...
36  cards
Exam 2
What position is this,
What class is retrognathic,
What is this a picture of
31  cards
Biocompatibility and intermediate restorative materials
With biocompatibility patient mus...,
The biological reaction can take ...,
Most common rx to dental staff
50  cards

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