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Apply information about the exemplars: BPD, Panic Disorders, and OCD
55  cards
Missed Questions Exam 3
Tb x ray,
School aged kid with leukemia
9  cards
Apply Information About the Exemplars: Traumatic Brain Injuries and Increased Intracranial Pressure
67  cards
Mood and Affect
Apply Information About the Exemplars: Depression, Bipolar Disorders, and Suicide
63  cards
What are some risk factors for ea...,
What are some ways to prevent eat...,
What are the s s of anorexia nervosa
51  cards
Tissue Integrity
What does carbon monoxide poisoni...,
What are some signs of smoke inha...,
What are some upper airway injury...
66  cards
Glucose Regulation
Which disorder is a result of exc...,
Which symptom if found in the pat...,
A nurse cares for a client who ha...
19  cards
Immunity: HIV/AIDS Exemplar
What is aids caused by,
What is the primary mode of trans...,
What type of cells does the hiv v...
53  cards
Immunity: Graft vs. Host Exemplar
What is the cause of hyperacute t...,
What are the characteristics of h...,
What is the treatment for hyperac...
25  cards
Infection: Septicemia Exemplar
What is septicemia,
Define sepsis,
Define severe sepsis
35  cards
Infection: Tuberculosis Exemplar
What are the risk factors for tub...,
What are the typical symptoms of ...,
What tests are done to determine ...
25  cards
Inflammation: Nephritis Exemplar
Define nephritis,
What is glomerulonephritis,
What is acute postinfectious glom...
35  cards
Inflammation: Multiple Sclerosis Exemplar
What is myelin,
What is multiple sclerosis,
What is demyelination
44  cards
Cellular Regulation: Breast Cancer Exemplar
What is the tumor usually involve...,
What node is affected in stage 0 ...,
Is there any evidence of metastas...
44  cards
Cellular Regulation: Osteosarcoma Exemplar
0  cards
Cellular Regulation: Lymphoma Exemplar
The nurse is teaching a client di...,
During a physical examination of ...,
A client is receiving radiation t...
6  cards
Cellular Regulation: Leukemia Exemplar
What is the basic pathophysiology...,
What is acute lymphoblastic leuke...,
What are the clinical manifestati...
23  cards
Missed questions Exam 1
Lithium carbonate swelled,
Anxious patient pacing in halls,
Tca antichloinergic effects
7  cards
Missed questions Exam 2
Risk for inadequate nutrition,
Anorexia priority,
Anorexia reaches treatment goals
7  cards

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