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Module 1 - Coordination Quiz
What factors when evaluating a pr...,
Why are addenda issued,
Four principals of effective comm...
10  cards
Module 2 - Planning, Development, and Organization Quiz
Commons methods of assembling and...,
Which of the following is not a c...,
True or false
10  cards
Module 3 - Research Quiz
True or false,
True or false,
The contractual relationship gove...
8  cards
Module 4 - Analysis and Evaluation Quiz
The project manual and other cons...,
True or false,
This tool for collecting information
10  cards
Module 5 - Production Quiz
A section is divided into three p...,
The major criteria for quality ar...,
Three articles that deal specific...
10  cards
Module 6 - Key Terms - Part 1
Am best company,
A e architect engineer design team,
A e architect engineer
500  cards
Module 6 - Key Terms - Part 2
Liquidated damages,
Liquidated damages,
Long lead time items
500  cards
Module 6 - Key Terms - Part 3
Value analysis,
Value engineering,
Value enhanced design
20  cards
Task Item No. 1-1: Collect, track, and coordinate design information.
Task item no 1 1 collect track an...,
141 gathering information,
142 product selection decisions
11  cards
Task Item No. 1-2 Coordinate product information with Project Team.
Task item no 1 2 coordinate produ...,
142 product selection decisions,
9322 design decisions
9  cards
Task Item No. 1-3: Obtain Owner bid forms, contract forms and documents.
1 3 obtain owner bid forms contra...,
11 project manual concept,
141 gathering information
9  cards
Task Item No. 1-4: Coordinate Owner-provided procurement and contract documents.
Task item no 1 4 coordinate owner...,
142 procurement and contracting r...,
147 federal government agencies c...
13  cards
Task Item No. 1-5: Coordinate Division 01 items among disciplines.
Task item no 1 5 coordinate divis...,
156 division 01 general requirements,
158 coordinating with consultants
8  cards
Task Item No. 1-6: Coordinate submittal process.
Task item no 1 6 coordinate submi...,
183 division 01 general requirements,
184 specifications
15  cards
Task Item No. 1-7: Coordinate substitution processes.
Task item no 1 7 coordinate subst...,
183 division 01 general requirements,
3141 closed and open proprietary ...
15  cards
Task Item No. 1-8: Coordinate sustainable design and construction requirements.
Task item no 1 8 coordinate susta...,
Figure 43,
758 section 01 80 00 performance ...
10  cards
Task Item No. 1-9: Coordinate selected products with the use of other products.
Task item no 1 9 coordinate selec...,
142 product selection decisions,
101 introduction
4  cards
Task Item No. 1-10: Coordinate installation procedures with the particular conditions of the project.
Task item no 1 10 coordinate inst...,
141 gathering information,
142 product selection decisions
7  cards
Task Item No. 1-11 Coordinate the documents of the interdisciplinary team members.
Task item no 1 11 coordinate the ...,
158 coordinating with consultants,
741 coordination with division 01...
7  cards
Task Item No. 1-12: Perform interdisciplinary review.
Task item no 1 12 perform interdi...,
Refer to task item 1 11
2  cards
Task Item No. 1-13: Coordinate consultant files to compile the Project Manual for submission.
Task item no 1 13 coordinate cons...,
191 writing editing preparation,
111 coordination of the specifica...
4  cards
Task Item No. 1-14: Coordinate project manual deliverables.
Task item no 1 14 coordinate proj...,
55 inclusion of agreement in proj...,
62 general conditions
7  cards
Task Item No. 1-15: Maintain version control of specifications including those edited by others.
Task item no 1 15 maintain versio...,
101 introduction to master guide ...,
107 updating master guide specifi...
8  cards
Task Item No. 1-16: Collect and coordinate information for addenda.
Task item no 1 16 collect and coo...,
941 purpose,
95 methods of modification aia do...
4  cards
Task Item No. 2-1: Evaluate scope of program and coordinate into SD process.
Task item no 2 1 evaluate scope o...,
141 gathering information,
110 producing a project manual
5  cards
Task Item No. 2-2: Develop and maintain a Product Notebook of systems, products, and materials being proposed for use on the project.
Task item no 2 2 develop and main...,
142 product selection decisions
2  cards
Task Item No. 2-3: Develop tracking tools for logging information, changes, revisions, and questions.
Task item no 2 3 develop tracking...,
85 using checklists
2  cards
Task Item No. 2-4: Develop tracking system for questions, substitutions, and related bidding items.
Task item no 2 4 develop tracking...,
91 procurement and contract docum...,
There are two basic methods for p...
5  cards
Task Item No. 2-5: Track and document project closeout items.
Task item no 2 5 track and docume...,
142 product selection decisions
2  cards
Task Item No. 3-1: Conduct research on materials and systems for product selection.
Task item no 3 1 conduct research...,
14 developing specifications,
141 gathering information
4  cards
Task Item No. 3-2: Research sourcing, availability, and lead time of selected products.
Task item no 3 2 research sourcin...,
Considerations during development...,
173 industry conditions and avail...
3  cards
Task Item No. 3-3: Research applicable legal requirements to develop of specifications.
Task item no 3 3 research applica...,
13 profile of a specifier,
21 specification language
7  cards
Task Item No. 3-4: Evaluate product performance for project conditions.
Task item no 3 4 evaluate product...,
17 considerations during developm...
2  cards
Task Item No. 4-1: Identify Project delivery method and schedule.
Task item no 4 1 identify project...,
114 document variations for desig...,
1141 document variations for desi...
6  cards
Task Item No. 4-2: Analyze systems and assemblies being proposed for the project
Task item no 4 2 analyze systems ...,
14 developing specifications,
141 gathering information
4  cards
Task Item No. 4-3: Consult with the project team on appropriateness of systems, assemblies, and materials being considered or implied by the project requirements.
Task item no 4 3 consult with the...,
142 product selection decisions,
110 producing a project manual
4  cards
Task Item No. 4-4: Analyze Drawings for primary building systems, assemblies, and material configurations.
Task item no 4 4 analyze drawings...,
1211 drawings specifications coor...,
12111 extent of drawings
3  cards
Task Item No. 4-5: Evaluate products for code requirements.
Task item no 4 5 evaluate product...,
141 gathering information,
142 product selection decisions
3  cards
Task Item No. 4-6: Assess climate information for impact on materials and methods.
Task item no 4 6 assess climate i...,
142 product selection decisions,
157 limitations and exclusions
3  cards
Task Item No. 4-7: Evaluate products and systems for constructability in project locale.
Task item no 4 7 evaluate product...,
86 constructability
2  cards
Task Item No. 4-8: Evaluate project sustainable design criteria with proposed project systems.
Task item no 4 8 evaluate project...,
873 assessing product sustainability
2  cards
Task Item No. 4-9: Evaluate and select products for compliance with design intent.
Task item no 4 9 evaluate and sel...,
142 product selection decisions,
884 design development
5  cards
Task Item No. 4-10: Obtain and evaluate standards and information from technical and professional societies.
Task item no 4 10 obtain and eval...,
141 gathering information,
16 specifying workmanship
5  cards
Task Item No. 4-11: Review references, standards, i.e. ASTM standards for appropriateness.
Task item no 4 11 review referenc...,
313 reference standard specificat...,
3131 know the standard
3  cards
Task Item No. 4-12: Verify that necessary reference standards options have been selected.
Task item no 4 12 verify that nec...,
3132 incorporate the standard pro...
2  cards
Task Item No. 4-13: Discuss product selection with Product Representatives.
Task item no 4 13 discuss product...,
141 gathering information
2  cards
Task Item No. 4-14: Participate in value engineering process.
Task item no 4 14 participate in ...,
813 value analysis
2  cards
Task Item No. 4-15: Evaluate the acceptability of substitution request submittal.
Task item no 4 15 evaluate the ac...,
183 division 01 general requirements,
31412 open proprietary specificat...
5  cards
Task Item No. 5-1: Organize project documents according to CSI Formats.
Task item no 5 1 organize project...,
422 uniformat,
4221 basic organization
10  cards
Task Item No. 5-2: Develop Preliminary Project Descriptions, outline specifications, and project manuals.
Task item no 5 2 develop prelimin...,
Refer to task item 5 1,
19 preparing the specifications
8  cards
Task Item No. 5-3: Translate graphic information presented in drawings into succinct written form.
Task item no 5 3 translate graphi...,
81 introduction to coordinating d...,
811 drawings
10  cards
Task Item No. 5-4: Assist in the development of procurement and contracting requirements.
Task item no 5 4 assist in the de...,
Refer to task item 5 2,
1141 document variations for desi...
18  cards
Task Item No. 5-5: Incorporate project-specific requirements into Division 01 sections.
You task item no 5 5 incorporate ...,
183 division 01 general requirements,
114 variations required by projec...
30  cards
Task Item No. 5-6: Determine means of (resources for) quality control and quality assurance.
Task item no 5 6 determine means ...,
16 specifying workmanship,
18 specifying quality assurance a...
7  cards
Task Item No. 5-7: Determine what submittals are required to ensure quality installation and adequate project documentation. (i.e. record documents).
Task item no 5 7 determine what s...,
Refer to task items 5 5 5 6
2  cards
Task Item No. 5-8: Document sustainable design and construction procedures into specifications.
Task item no 5 8 document sustain...,
Refer to task items 5 5 5 6,
123 utilizing nonstandard technol...
3  cards
Task Item No. 5-9: Determine preparatory and finishing requirements for the product.
Task item no 5 9 determine prepar...,
Refer to task item 5 6,
142 product selection decisions
3  cards
Task Item No. 5-10: Prepare and edit specifications sections and compile, review, and edit specifications sections written by others.
You should understandtask item no...,
Refer to task items 5 2 and 5 3,
155 preparing specifications
8  cards
Task Item No. 5-11: Prepare addenda.
Task item no 5 11 prepare addenda...,
Refer to task item 5 4,
91 procurement and contract docum...
3  cards
Task Item No. 5-12: Prepare documents for printing and archive electronic files.
Task item no 5 12 prepare documen...,
Refer to task item 5 10,
113 final preparation of the proj...
9  cards
Task Item No. 5-13: Develop and maintain Office master guide specifications.
Task item no 5 13 develop and mai...,
101 introduction to master guide ...,
102 contents of master guide spec...
9  cards

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