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Book 3: 1-01 "Boiler & Pressure Vessels Acts"
One of the national legislative i...,
It much easier to have changes ma...,
The act then has _____ which are ...
30  cards
Book 3: 1-02 "Intro to CSA & ASME Codes for Boilers"
What does the term csa stand for ...,
What code contains rules for cons...,
What asme code contains recommend...
30  cards
Book 3: 2-03 - "SI Units"
The system si prefix mega m indic...,
How many megajoules are equal to ...,
How many cubic feet are equal to ...
20  cards
Book 3: 2-04 - "Basic Arithmetic Operation"
With fractions if the numerator i...,
15 of what number is 12 select on...,
Subtract 07854 from 31416select o...
20  cards
Book 3: 2-05 - "Transposition"
The formula for the area of a cir...,
The formula for the area of a cir...,
The formula for the volume of a r...
10  cards
Book 3: 2-06 - "Areas & Volumes of Solids"
A sector is a part of a circle bo...,
What is the capacity in cubic met...,
Any three dimensional object is m...
10  cards
Book 3: 3-07 - "Application of Basic Mechanics"
A force can be defined as select ...,
The equation for the actual mecha...,
Mass can be defined as select one...
30  cards
Book 3: 3-08 - Introduction to Thermodynamics:
The fahrenheit scale considers th...,
All substances whether solid liqu...,
The transfer of thermal energy ap...
30  cards
Book 3: 4-09 "Fire Safety & Site Hazards"
Fire codes and standards recommen...,
Dry chemical fire extinguishers e...,
Carbon dioxide extinguishes a fir...
30  cards
Book 3: 4-10 "Building Safety"
All fans and the moving parts of ...,
When working with or near electri...,
Paint can be stored select one a ...
20  cards
Book 3: 4-11 "Confined Space Entry"
In preparation for a confined spa...,
Confined spaces include but are n...,
Some important questions to consi...
20  cards
Book 3: 4-12 - "Intro to Occupational Health & Safety Legislation"
Each employer is responsible for ...,
Boiler logbooksselect one a canno...,
Workers may refuse to work if the...
30  cards
Book 3: 4-13 - "Intro to Heating Plant Safety"
During the rehabilitation of an i...,
An employer must not allow shortc...,
When isolating a steam turbine dr...
20  cards
Book 3: 4-14 "Handling of Dangerous Materials"
If a fuel air mixture is below th...,
Fuel air mixtures that are outsid...,
Under whmis legislation all worke...
20  cards
Book 3: 5-15 - "Introduction to Electricity"
In regards to electrical circuits...,
What is the lowest amount of elec...,
Which of the following suggestion...
30  cards
Book 3: 6-16 - "Welding Terms & Inspection"
When the entire welding procedure...,
A weld made from only one side of...,
A welding process where fusion or...
37  cards
Book 3: 7-17 - Water Treatment
The amount of chemicals fed to a ...,
The four conditions that can occu...,
Magnesium sulphate in the boiler ...
40  cards
Book 3: 7-18 - Monitoring & Testing
The phosphate test on boiler wate...,
Suspended solids if allowed to en...,
An example of medium hard water w...
30  cards
Book 3: 8-19 - "Technical Communications"
One of best practices for writing...,
One of the key components of a ma...,
One of the key essential componen...
20  cards
Book 3: 8-20 - "Plant Diagrams"
Single line sketches are used for...,
The process flow diagram pfd is s...,
The symbol _____ is used in elect...
30  cards
Book 3: Unit 1 - Review: Chapter 1 - 2
It much easier to have changes ma...,
What determines the classificatio...,
What code contains guidelines for...
20  cards
Book 3: Unit 2 - Review: Chapter 3 - 6
0  cards
Book 3: Unit 4 - Review: Chapter 9-14
The damaging factor of an electri...,
A class c type of fire involves c...,
In preparation for a confined spa...
20  cards
Book 3: Unit 7 - Review: Chapter 17 - 18
A water test which involves the u...,
In order to prevent the contamina...,
The amount of chemicals fed to a ...
20  cards
Book 3: Unit 8 - Review: Chapter 19 - 20
With regard to written communicat...,
On p ids the letters no and nc ar...,
One of the main advantages of ver...
20  cards

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