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What are some common facial featu...,
What might be the presenting sign...,
How might an adolescent with turn...
218  cards
Renal / GU
What is the likely diagnosis in a...,
What is the definition of hematuria,
What should you do in a patient w...
113  cards
What are 4 main triggers for asthma,
How many children will outgrow mi...,
What is the trend in asthma morta...
161  cards
infectious disease
What is the proper treatment in a...,
What is the etiology of septicemi...,
What is the infectious etiology a...
222  cards
What diagnosis should you conside...,
What population is most likely to...,
What is the treatment of osteogen...
165  cards
What 4 toxins are not removed wit...,
What is the appropriate dosing of...,
A 3 y o swallowed a battery 3 day...
76  cards
What is primary vs secondary apnea,
What are the 5 basic causes of apnea,
What is the diagnosis in a health...
146  cards
What are the common findings of l...,
5 signs and symptoms of lead pois...,
What is the common blood smear fi...
84  cards
What is the other name for vitamin e,
What is another name for vitamin a,
What is the other name for vitamin k
187  cards
When does birthweight double,
How much of birthweight does a ne...,
What is the average height of a n...
53  cards
Breast feeding reduces the risk f...,
What is the proper way to diagnos...,
What is the most important risk f...
79  cards
stats & ethics
What is the equation for specificity,
What is the formula for sensitivity,
What is the probability that a te...
62  cards
What is responsible for regressio...,
What is responsible for the forma...,
What is the age at which precocio...
91  cards
A patient with jia presents with ...,
What are the classic x ray findin...,
What is the best treatment in a p...
157  cards
What diagnosis should you conside...,
What diagnosis should you conside...,
What diagnosis should you conside...
121  cards
ortho/sports medicine
What is the appropriate immediate...,
In defining varus vs valgus which...,
What is the likely diagnosis in a...
89  cards
How are the vesicles in herpes di...,
What would be found on wright sta...,
What diagnosis presents as multip...
79  cards
What do you expect the ana rf and...,
What diagnosis presents with leg ...,
How should you treat a patient wi...
65  cards
What is spasmus nutans,
What is the term associated with ...,
What eye problem is common in pat...
19  cards
What antibiotics are ototoxic wha...,
What is the correct diagnosis and...,
What diagnosis should you conside...
78  cards
What is the comparison between bo...,
At what age would you be concerne...,
What drug may cause galactorrhea ...
45  cards
How should you confirm positive u...,
How would you monitor for discont...,
What is the most common fatal com...
31  cards
What are 3 features of cushings t...,
What should you suspect and how w...,
What is the goal for blood pressu...
68  cards

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