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Mechanisms of Drug Action
Name 5 ways drugs initiate signaling,
Which type of bonds terminate dru...,
What is ed50
25  cards
What determines the rate of a dru...,
Why are ionized drugs not well ab...,
What does a larger pka indicate f...
34  cards
Drug Metabolism
Drug metabolism leads to formatio...,
Give an example of a drug that is...,
Give an example of a drug that is...
22  cards
Autonomic pharmacology
What is the cns nucleus or region...,
What is the exit spinal cord for ...,
Describe the pre post ganglionic ...
27  cards
Adrenergic I
What is the role of sympathomimet...,
How is ne synthesized and stored ...,
How is ne released by the adrener...
20  cards
Adrenergic II
What are sympatholytic drugs,
How do sympatholytic drugs block ...,
Describe the qualities of irrever...
67  cards
Where are muscarinic receptors lo...,
What are sites of cholinergic action,
What are the actual effects of iv...
75  cards
Anti-Hypertensive Drugs I
Name the major classes of diureti...,
Name the major classes of raas in...,
Name the major classes of vasodil...
60  cards
Anti-Hypertensive Drugs II
What is clonidine catapres also m...,
To what drug class does clonidine...,
Describe the pharmacodynamics of ...
27  cards
Drug treatment for CHF
What are the 6 mechanisms of low ...,
What is the treatment for low pre...,
What is the treatment for bradyca...
33  cards
Herbal Medicine & Food/Drug Interactions
What is arteminisinin qinghaosu e...,
What are common adverse effects p...,
What is ephedra
19  cards
Respiratory Pharmacology
What are the major classes of bro...,
What are examples of short and lo...,
What is an example of an antichol...
58  cards
Lipid Drugs
What is cholestyramine questran c...,
To what drug class does cholestyr...,
Describe the pharmacodynamics of ...
40  cards
Anti-arrhythmic drugs
What is the major cardiovascular ...,
What is the only anti arrythmic t...,
What is the preferred therapy for...
23  cards
Drug management of Angina
To what drug class does nitroglyc...,
Describe the pharmacodynamics of ...,
Describe the pharmacokinetics of ...
33  cards
What is the structure of cardiac ...,
Describe the pharmacodynamics of ...,
How does digoxin achieve its inot...
12  cards

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