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Asthma & COPD Drugs
Guess the brand name and drug class given the generic name.
25  cards
Asthma & COPD Treatment
What is 1st line tx for asthma ac...,
What are 2nd 5th line tx options ...,
Ics ae
20  cards
Diabetes Drugs
Guess the brand name and drug class given the generic name.
41  cards
Diabetes Treatment
36  cards
1st line uti tx options,
Sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim sid...,
Nitrofurantoin side effects
14  cards
Aliskiren direct renin inhibitor
16  cards
Guess the brand name and drug class given the generic name.
53  cards
Psych Drugs
Guess the brand name and drug class given the generic name.
46  cards
ODB Billing
What s the odb usual dispensing fee,
What s the difference between cop...,
What is the markup that different...
40  cards
Third Party Billing
How does coordination of benefits...,
What id numbers are found on a gr...,
What is greenshield s policy on r...
50  cards
What are 1st line meds,
What are 2nd line meds,
What are 3rd line meds
34  cards
What are the 1st line meds for ge...,
What are 2nd line meds for genera...,
What are 3rd line meds for genera...
13  cards
31  cards
26  cards
What to recommend for white clump...,
Vaginal discharge symptoms what r...,
Vaginal discharge symptoms what a...
85  cards
First generation aka typical anti...,
List some high potency fga,
List some low potency fga
23  cards
Stimulant drugs for adhd should b...,
Long acting stimulants are first ...,
Intermediate acting stimulants sh...
17  cards
Scope of Practice
A pharmacist may initiate adapt o...,
A pharmacist may adapt a prescrip...,
A pharmacist may renew a prescrip...
5  cards
Prescription Regulation
Narcotic drugs include,
Narcotic preparations include,
Controlled drugs part i includes
22  cards
Methadone & Suboxone
Signs of opioid intoxication,
Signs of opioid withdrawal,
Signs of opioid overdose
14  cards
What info must be included on a p...,
What should you confirm has been ...
2  cards
Corticosteroid Potency
Low potency corticosteroids,
Medium potency corticosteroids,
High potency corticosteroids
4  cards
Antibiotics review
Which antibiotic suspensions shou...,
Which antibiotics should be dosed...,
Which antibiotics must be with food
7  cards
OTC topics Rx Meds
Meds for bacterial vaginosis,
Meds for cold sores,
Dukurol counselling
18  cards
Genitourinary Disorders
Alpha1 adrenergic antagonists,
5 alpha reductase inhibitors,
Pde5 inhibitors
7  cards
Women's Health
Coc ci,
Older progesterones,
Newer progesterones
28  cards
Seizures & Epilepsy
Meds that lower seizure threshold,
Types of seizures,
Seizure epilepsy tx principles
20  cards
IBD (Chron's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis)
Ulcerative colitis affects what r...,
Crohn s disease affects what regi...,
Which is more likely to have nutr...
18  cards
Post mi pci tx,
Post stemi no pci tx,
38  cards
Thyroid Disorders
Levothyroxine counselling,
_______ supplements may interfere...,
Generally it takes ______ to atta...
11  cards
Parkinson's Disease
What causes parkinson s disease p...,
Clinical presentation of parkinso...,
Drug induced causes for parkinson...
17  cards
Dermasmoothe counselling,
Flourouracil topical counselling,
Sodium polystyrene sulfonate
8  cards
Which eye drops for glaucoma shou...,
First line for glaucoma,
Second line for glaucoma
9  cards
Describe the pathophysiology behi...,
Medications that can contribute t...,
How are cholinesterase inhibitors...
8  cards
Minor Ailments Prescribing
Starting january 2023 ontario pha...,
Starting oct 2023 additional mino...
2  cards
Glucosamine chondroitin considera...,
First line for osteoarthritis,
Second line for osteoarthritis
12  cards
First line meds for acute gout at...,
Colchicine dose,
Colchicine ae ddi ci
16  cards
Meds that increase fracture risk,
Calcium and vitamin d recommendat...,
12  cards
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Prednisone counselling,
Prednisone side effects with long...,
Arthrotec ci
28  cards
Transplant meds
0  cards
0  cards
0  cards
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