phm 703: crit care/heme/onc

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Critical Care: FASTHUGS BID and PADIS
Fasthugs bid as a concept,
What does fasthugs bid stand fore,
Feeding in icu
80  cards
Critical Care: Shock (including septic shock)
Shock definition,
Cns manifestation of end organ dy...,
Cardiac manifestation of end orga...
55  cards
Critical Care: DKA and HHS
Precipitating factors of dka hhs,
General dka and hhs signs,
Dka and hhs symptoms
17  cards
Critical Care: Seizure
the thing you get when you read all the typos
30  cards
Critical Care: Acute Ischemic Stroke
Deficits expeiednced after a stroke,
Cha2ds2 vasc,
Neuro stroke mimics
19  cards
Critical Care: Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Iv io dose conversion to et,
Cardiac arrest,
Types of rhythms in cardiac arrestg
15  cards
Onc 1: Onco Emergencies
Types of onco emergencies,
Hypercalcemia of malignancy most ...,
Calcium levels in hypercalcium of...
74  cards
Onco 1: Leukemia
Anthracycline class adr,
Cytarabine hidac adr hidac high dose,
Gemtuzumab ozogamicin adr
61  cards
Onco 1: Prostate
Risk factors for prostate cancer,
Prostate cancer screening,
Presentation of localized prostat...
62  cards
Onco 1: Supportive care
i need emotional support cat
81  cards
Onco 2: Lung and Kung pao chicken
Lung cancer patho,
Lung cancer types,
Nsclc staging
65  cards
Onco 2: M&Ms - multiple myeloma (not the candy)
Multiple myeloma,
Risk factors for multiple myeloma,
48  cards
Onco 2: Lymphohohohoma
Risk factors for lympohma,
B symptoms,
Diffuse large b cell dlbcl relapse
50  cards
Onco 2: Anemia (👀 susie..)
Presentation of anemia,
30  cards
Onco 2: cancer of breasticles
Non modifiable risk factors for b...,
What are breast changes foud on b...,
Modifiable risk factors for bresa...
18  cards
Onco 2: cancer in the poo tube
Risk factors for colorectla cancer,
Presentation of colorectal cacner
12  cards

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