physical education

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Decks in this class (15)

Health and Fitness
Define fitness,
Define health,
29  cards
Diet and Nutrition
Balanced diet,
What is food needed for,
Components of a balanced diet
31  cards
Methods of Training
Anaerobic respiration,
Aerobic respiration,
5 methods of training
23  cards
Principles of Training
Define specificity and why it s used,
Name all the principles of training,
Define progression and why it s used
19  cards
Muscle System
What are the characteristics of a...,
What are the three types of muscl...,
What are the characteristics of a...
31  cards
Skeletal System
Explain the function of protection,
5 functions of the skeleton,
Explain the function of support
44  cards
Respiratory System
Process of inspiration,
What is the respiratory made of,
Process of expiration
21  cards
Cardiovascular System
Name the three main functions of ...,
Name the three main components of...,
Explain transportation in the car...
23  cards
Individual Differences
Define physique,
Explain inclusion in sport,
Define somatotyping
9  cards
Psychological Factors Affecting Performance
Define arousal,
Define stress,
Define apprehension
20  cards
Safety, Injury And Firsts Aid
List the structure of a warm up,
Name the structure to a training ...,
Why is the warm up done
42  cards
Technological Developments In Sport
Define streamline,
Define technology,
Define aerodynamic
9  cards
Social And Cultural Factors In PE And Sport
Define active leisure time,
Define leisure time,
Define passive leisure
13  cards
School And PE
How is pe delivered in schools 5,
Why is pe compulsory benefits of pe,
Pe national curriculum outwitting...
34  cards
Media, Sponsorship And Competitions
What is digital tv,
What are the four types of media,
What is pay per view
35  cards

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physical education

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