physical science 8th

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Units of Measure
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6.19.T - Lesson Review: Using Electricity / More Electricity
Why is it safe to touch an aa bat...,
A current is flowing ____________...,
What is the relationship between ...
16  cards
6.19.R - Lesson Review: Static Electricity / God Loves Balance
Charging by ____ involves rubbing...,
Which kind of natural disaster cl...,
In which state do the most lightn...
12  cards
6.20.R - Quiz: Wires and Motors
A current is flowing ____________...,
Why doesn t the wire get hot in a...,
In one to three sentences explain...
17  cards
6.20.F - Lesson: Science Fair Project Part One: Introduction
The scientific method steps are,
Hypothesis an educated guess or a...
2  cards
6.21.F - Test: Module Six
Electricity is a form of energy i...,
Why doesn t the wire get hot in a...,
How much current is flowing throu...
29  cards
7.22.T - Lesson Review: Electricity & Magnets / Large & Small Magnets
When drawing a magnetic field aro...,
Ampere assumed that every atom wa...,
Which of these is a common exampl...
10  cards
7.23.W - Lesson Review: Make a Compass / Faraday Cage / Faraday Cage
What imaginary lines begin at the...,
The north arrow of a compass need...,
What country is known to have use...
13  cards
7.23.F - Quiz: Electricity & Magnets
When drawing a magnetic field aro...,
If the bar magnet on the left wer...,
Ampere discovered that parallel e...
12  cards
7.24.F - Test: Module Seven
Which of these is a common exampl...,
What is the new field of study th...,
When drawing a magnetic field aro...
26  cards
8.25.T - Lesson Review: The Ear / Seeing and Feeling Sound
Match the following numbers with ...,
What phenomenon is illustrated wh...,
What do we call the measurement o...
9  cards
8.25.R - Lesson Review: Need for Speed / Interference
Sound travels in the medium of ai...,
Select two things that lightning ...,
How many seconds between lightnin...
12  cards
8.25.F - Quiz: Waves that Affect Us
The cochlea is like a rolled up t...,
In the bible james tells us that ...,
What is the part of the ear in th...
20  cards
8.26.T - Lesson Review: Light / Color
What can go faster than light eve...,
Whose work suggested that we shou...,
In genesis 1 1 what is the first ...
13  cards
8.26.R - Lesson Review: Sources of Light / Light Interactions
A light that is emitted when exci...,
A thin coil of wire stretched bet...,
Light produced when an object get...
9  cards
8.27.W - Lesson Review: Sound / Doppler Effect & Echolocation / Electromagnetic Spectrum
At 140 decibels of sound humans e...,
Which of these mediums will sound...,
What is the maximum loudness or d...
21  cards
8.27.R - Quiz: The Parts of Light and How Sound Is Used
What do we call the radiation tha...,
What area of the electromagnetic ...,
Whose work suggested that we shou...
22  cards
8.28.F - Test: Module Eight
The cochlea is like a rolled up t...,
In the bible james tells us that ...,
Why can t older folks hear the ve...
37  cards
9.29.R - Lesson Review: Elements & Compounds / Periodic Table: Basics / Periodic Table: Metals
Describe the composition of the n...,
A _____ is when two or more eleme...,
Which subatomic particle is not f...
18  cards
9.29.F - Quiz: Atoms and the Periodic Table
Select the four elements that mak...,
At the center of every atom lies ...,
Which subatomic particle is not f...
17  cards
9.30.W - Lesson Review: PT: Metalloids & Halogens / PT: Nonmetals & Noble Gases / Want to Know More About the Elements?
The period that an element is in ...,
What can you conclude about the c...,
Which element makes up 25 of the ...
24  cards
9.31.R - Lesson Review: Radiation & Madam Curie / Gold & the Red Sea / Sodom and Gomorrah Archaeology
Extreme radiation can produce wha...,
The instrument that measures radi...,
What holds the protons together i...
10  cards
9.31.F - Quiz: Periodic Table & Atom Reactions
___________ are elements that are...,
The element silicon is a hard and...,
Which element makes up 25 of the ...
23  cards
9.32.F - Test: Module Nine
Which subatomic particle has a ne...,
Describe the composition of the n...,
Which subatomic particle is not f...
33  cards
10.33.R - Lesson Review: Valence Shells & Orbitals / Ionic Bonds / Metallic Bonds
The more you know about the posit...,
The arrangement of electrons in a...,
The shape of the shells in the th...
11  cards
10.34.T - Lesson Review: Comparing Ionic & Covalent Bonds / Naming Compounds
The electrons of carbon and hydro...,
The strong crystal structure of a...,
Covalent compounds share ________...
18  cards
10.34.R - Lesson Review: Balancing Equations / Types of Chemical Reactions
The number in front of the molecu...,
Is this equation balanced or unba...,
Is this equation balanced or unba...
16  cards
10.34.F - Quiz: Chemical Bonding
Argon has eighteen electrons the ...,
What is the percentage of probabi...,
Carbon has six electrons two of t...
29  cards
10.35.M - Lesson Review: pH Lessons
Which of the following is an acid...,
Which of the following is a base ...,
On the ph scale numbers 8 and abo...
10  cards

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