poetry of the decade

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From The Journal of A Disappointed Man
What are the themes,
What is suggested through the title,
23  cards
On Her Blindness
What are the themes in this poem,
What is the title an allusion type,
My mother could not bear being blind
21  cards
The Lammas Hireling
What is this poem a retelling of,
What are the themes in this poem,
Light heart and a heavy purse
14  cards
Please Hold
What are the themes in this poem,
Please hold,
What device is used throughout in...
19  cards
The Deliverer
What are the themes in this poem,
The deliverer,
The sister here
15  cards
What is the structure of this poem,
What is the complex interlacing o...,
What is the speaker contemplating...
14  cards
What can be inferred by st andrew...,
What is the repetition of today e...,
What is device is used in we flew...
13  cards
Eat Me
What form is the poem in,
What is the poem about,
What themes are there in the poem
22  cards
To My Nine-Year-Old Self
What form is used,
What themes are in the poem,
You must forgive me
16  cards
A Minor Role - 1st meaning
What are the themes in this poem,
Im best observed on stage,
Servants patter
5  cards
The Gun
Bringing a gun into a house chang...,
Stretched out like something dead,
Wood stock jutting over the edge
12  cards
The Furthest Distance I've Travelled
What are the themes in this poem,
What can be inferred about the title,
My spine curved under like a meri...
11  cards
What are the themes in the poem,
What form is used in the poem,
What is there a debate between
17  cards
What are the themes running throu...,
What device is used in throughout,
What are the two meanings
20  cards
An Easy Passage
What is the extended metaphor run...,
What can be inferred through half...,
What is bikini a symbol of
16  cards
Out of the Bag
What are the main themes,
What is featured in part 1,
What can be inferred through all ...
27  cards
Chainsaw Versus The Pampas Grass
What does the title represent,
What are the themes in this poem,
What device is used in it seemed ...
9  cards

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