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Chapter 1 Police Administration, A Perspective
12 ethics is the philosophical st...,
12 people who wish to do the righ...,
12 behavior that can be considere...
135  cards
Chapter 2 Policing Strategies
32 an alternative strategy to tra...,
32 when did community policing re...,
32 this strategy draws extensivel...
135  cards
Chapter 3 Challenges Facing Police Organizations
65 challenges inherent in providi...,
65 in addition to aligning their ...,
65 they attract followers by virt...
133  cards
Chapter 4 The Nature and Practice of Planning
92 police agencies use several ty...,
92 such plans are intended to han...,
92 nonstrategic plan types
115  cards
Chapter 6 Organization Designs
Policing strategy emphasizes redu...,
The policing strategy of an agenc...,
The policing strategy in which ma...
272  cards
Chapter 7 Organizational Performance Assessment And Evaluation
163 powerful tools that can help ...,
178 accreditation represents a re...,
179 disadvantages of accreditatio...
54  cards
Chapter 8 Hiring in the Spirit of Service
204 the goal of demonstrating civ...,
204 a police agency must demonstr...,
204 creating a civil work environ...
22  cards
Chapter 9 The Power and Practice of Effective Communication
211 communication is a __ involvi...,
212 communication not information...,
213 in addition to flowing in dif...
304  cards
Chapter 10 Training, Development, and Deployment of Human Resources
239 as a rule training encompasses,
239 what is considered education,
244 much of a police officers tra...
90  cards
Chapter 11 Leadership and Supervision
265 researchers later in the 20th...,
265 theories about leadership hav...,
265 researchers in the early 20th...
303  cards
Chapter 12 Human Relations Challenges in a Police Agency
307 often high turnover in a poli...,
307 managers must recognize achie...,
307 leaders motivate subordinates...
88  cards
Chapter 15 The Future of Police Administration
399 these officers are in the per...,
399 one who earns the respect of ...,
399 procedures adopted by militar...
162  cards

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