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UNIT 1 Democracy introduction
The democracy index,
State and govt popular political ...,
State and govtwhats the differenc...
7  cards
UNIT 1 Representative and Direct Democracy
Where did democracy begin,
What is direct democracy what are...,
A thing to remember
15  cards
UNIT 1 Is there a participation crisis?
Participation crisis voter turnou...,
Participation crisis other electi...,
Participation crisis party member...
9  cards
UNIT 1 The Franchise + Suffrage
What was the most relevant part o...,
Why did the english civil war res...,
What does franchise mean
16  cards
UNIT 1 Pressure groups
What is a pressure group,
Extinction rebellion case study,
Surfers against sewage case study
13  cards
UNIT 1 Rights in the UK
European convention human rights ...,
Human rights act 1999based on the...,
What is the equality act 2010
13  cards
Parliament - Origins and development of Parliament
When was the first collection of ...,
What is parliament made up of,
Members of parliament majorities ...
18  cards
Parliament - FUNCTIONS Legitimation in the House of Commons
Background to legitimation in the...,
The issues with legitimation
13  cards
Parliament - FUNCTIONS Providing Government
Features of a parliamentary gover...,
Governments are formed based on what,
Dissolving parliament
14  cards
Parliament - FUNCTIONS Scrutiny in the Commons by Committees
Different forms of scrutiny,
Select committeesa group of membe...,
What is parliamentary privilege a...
22  cards
Parliament - FUNCTIONS PMQTs - Commons Scrutiny by Questions
Prime ministers question times,
Advantages 1 2,
5  cards
Parliament - FUNCTIONS Representation + Debate
Criticisms of parliamentary repre...,
Representation of society,
Representation of society is beco...
9  cards
Parliament - The Lords Legislation, Scrutiny and other functions
Legislation in the lords,
What is the salisbury convention,
Lords and their amendments of bills
20  cards
Parliament - Comparison of Powers of Commons + Lords
Proposed legislation,
Manifesto pledges,
Amending legislation
8  cards
Parliament - The Legislative Process
What is the salisbury convention ...,
1 what is the green paper,
2 what happens after the green paper
19  cards
Parliament - Relationship between Parliamentary interaction and the Executive
What is the role of backbench mps,
Mps and representing the interest...,
Mps and raising concerns within t...
15  cards
Electoral Systems - purpose of elections + introduction
Introduction fptp,
Why is fptp under heavy scrutiny,
How do elections hold sufficient ...
19  cards
Electoral Systems - First Past The Post
What type of system is fptp,
Where is fptp used,
How does fptp work
20  cards
Electoral Systems - Supplementary Vote
Majoritarian principles sv,
Where is sv used,
How does sv work in steps
12  cards
Electoral Systems - Single Transferable Vote
Proportional principles,
What the hell is ordinal voting,
Are there any safe seats
12  cards
Electoral Systems - Additional Member System
Hybrid system principles,
Where is ams used,
How does it work two ballots cons...
16  cards
Electoral Systems - Why did people vote against AV?
Referendums format,
Av system,
Leaflet from the electoral commis...
17  cards
Electoral systems - 2022 council elections and implications for govt
What were the 2022 may 5th electi...,
Brief overview,
How many councils did the conserv...
11  cards
Electoral Systems - Referendums
What are referendums how are they...,
Who words the question to prevent...,
Referendums in the uk
27  cards
PM and Cabinet 3a How powerful are PMs?
What are the powers of the pm,
What are the constraints of the pm,
How did edward heath react to events
6  cards
PM and Cabinet 3b How dominant is the PM compared to the Cabinet?
The cabinet government what was p...,
Who are the big beasts of the cab...,
1 function of the cabinet informed
18  cards
PM and Cabinet 3c Presidentialism
To what extent does the pm domina...,
Spacial leadership,
Populist outreach
12  cards
Relationships between Branches - Judiciary
What is the order of importance o...,
What separate system isnt it all ...,
What five roles do the senior jud...
28  cards
Relationships between Branches - Influence of the Supreme Court
What is ultra vires what is its r...,
Influencedetermining the meaning ...,
Influencean example of how the su...
16  cards
Relationships between Branches - Case Studies for the Judiciary
Al rawi case 2011 the supreme cou...,
How did parliament remain soverei...,
Tony nicklinson v ministry of jus...
8  cards
Relationship between Branches - Executive-Parliament relationship
In what ways can the executive ov...,
In what ways can parliament overp...,
Factors favouring executivelarge ...
19  cards
Relationship between Branches - Aims and Institutions of the EU
When was the eec created what was...,
When did the eec become the eu,
What is the main fundamental aim ...
27  cards
Relationships between Branches - Effects of the EU on the UK
Effects on economy three positives,
Effects on economy three negatives,
Effects on rights social and work...
8  cards
Relationships between Branches - Parliamentary Sovereignty
What is legal sovereignty,
What is political sovereignty,
What is popular sovereignty
19  cards

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