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Decks in this class (21)

10 Yoga Class Essentials
Physical yoga postures asanas,
Breath prana,
Flow vinyasa
10  cards
Keys To Alignment
Establish neutral alignment,
Stack joints and form right angles,
Balance control and surrender
4  cards
Giving And Receiving Feedback
Giving feedback,
Receiving feedback,
Intension of feedback
3  cards
A Breif History Of Yoga
2000 1000 bce,
1000 bce,
500 bce
7  cards
7  cards
The 8 Limbed Yogic Path
Define yoga,
The eight limbed yogic path,
Yamas first limb
10  cards
Why do we use sanskrit in yoga cl...,
What is om
3  cards
Energetic Body: Koshas - Layers Around Being
6  cards
CorePower Yoga C1 Asanas: Integration Series
Childs pose,
Downward facing dog,
3  cards
CorePower Yoga C1 Asanas: Intention
Stand at attention
1  cards
CorePower Yoga C1 Asanas: Sun Salutation A
Mountain pose,
Standing forward fold,
Halfway lift
6  cards
CorePower Yoga C1 Asanas: Sun Salutation B
Chair pose,
Standing forward fold,
Halfway lift
10  cards
CorePower Yoga C1 Asanas: Core Strengthening Series
Reclined bound angle pose sit ups,
Bicycle sit ups,
Boat pose
3  cards
CorePower Yoga C1 Asanas: Crescent Lunge Series
Crescent lunge,
Revolved crescent lunge,
Runners lunge
7  cards
CorePower Yoga C1 Asanas: Balancing Series
Eagle pose,
Dancers pose,
Tree pose
3  cards
CorePower Yoga C1 Asanas: Triangle Series
Warrior one,
Warrior two,
Triangle pose
4  cards
CorePower Yoga C1 Asanas: Hip Opener
Half pigeon
1  cards
CorePower Yoga C1 Asanas: Spine Strengthening Series
Cobra pose,
Bow pose,
Camel pose
5  cards
CorePower Yoga C1 Asanas: Forward Fold
Seated forward fold
1  cards
CorePower Yoga C1 Asanas: Surrender Series
Happy baby pose,
Supine twist,
Corpse pose
4  cards
Final Study Guide
Om or aum,
24  cards

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