pre-reg exam 2019

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What are the 4 principles of medi...,
What are the 9 gphc standards,
What does the human medicines reg...
286  cards
CD Schedules
What schedule is buprenorphine,
What schedule is co codamol,
What schedule is codeine phosphate
26  cards
H2 antagonists eg ranitidine what...,
What is max dose of ranitidine otc,
True or false being overweight ca...
232  cards
Resource Pharm- OTC
When would you refer for a cold,
When would you refer for a cough,
When would you refer for a sore t...
20  cards
Name the enzyme inhibitors sickfa...,
Name the enzyme inducers scrap gpss,
What are the main interactions wi...
18  cards
Resource Pharm - side effects
What colour does senna cause your...,
What colour does sulfasalazine ca...,
What colour does phenindione caus...
54  cards
On Track
A patient comes into your pharmac...,
Which of the following medicines ...,
Which of the following is not lik...
78  cards
BNF: Guidance on Prescribing
What does non proprietary mean,
Should biological medicines be pr...,
When are oral syringes provided f...
57  cards
Chapter 1: GI system
Are patients with coeliac disease...,
What are coeliac patients at incr...,
What is diverticular disease
189  cards
Chapter 2: Cardiovascular system
Is treatment usually required for...,
What two things can you try and c...,
In patients without life threaten...
381  cards
Chapter 3: Respiratory system
Dpis are recommended in children ...,
What is the mhra advice surroundi...,
What are the different types of i...
153  cards
Chapter 4: Nervous System
What kind of drugs should be mini...,
What is first line treatment opti...,
What is first line for patients w...
351  cards
Chapter 5: Infection
Name the antibiotics in the amino...,
What aminoglycosides are active a...,
What aminoglycoside is active aga...
326  cards
Chapter 6: Endocrine system
What is the advice from the dvla ...,
True or false alcohol can cause d...,
Do you have to fast before a hba1...
213  cards
Chapter 7: Genito-urinary system
How do you manage acute urinary r...,
What is the pharmacological manag...,
What is the pharmacological treat...
62  cards
Chapter 8: Immune system and malignant disease
What are some main side effects o...,
What pre treatment screening is n...,
What is the mhra advice regarding...
62  cards
Chapter 9: Blood and Nutrition
What are the mhra warnings associ...,
What are the main side effects of...,
What are epoetins used for
67  cards
Chapter 10: Muscoskeletal system
What should be given for newly di...,
What antimalarials can be used fo...,
Do patients with juvenile idiopat...
61  cards
Chapter 11 and 12: Eye, ENT
When two different eye drop prepa...,
If a patient needs eye drops and ...,
When a patient is applying eye dr...
48  cards
Chapter 13: Skin
What is the mhra advice regarding...,
What safety advice should you say...,
Drugs marked with what letters ar...
158  cards
Chapter 14, 15, 16: Vaccines, Anaesthesia, Poisoning
Antibodies of human origin are te...,
What are the two types of human i...,
Normal immunoglobulin is availabl...
121  cards

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