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principles of accounting - managerial

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Chapter 1 - Managerial Accounting and Cost Concepts
What is concerned with reporting ...,
What is concerned with providing ...,
What are costs that can be easily...
114  cards
Chapter 2 - Calculating Unit Product Costs
What is a costing method that inc...,
What is used in situations where ...,
What is a document that lists the...
53  cards
Chapter 3 - Cost Flows and External Reporting
What is a measure of activity suc...,
What is a rate used to charge man...,
What is the formula to find the p...
95  cards
Chapter 5 - Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships
What is the format of the contrib...,
What is the equation to find the ...,
What is the equation to find the ...
50  cards
Chapter 7 - Activity-Based Costing
What is a costing method designed...,
Fill in the blank abc was ordinar...,
True or false some manufacturing ...
61  cards
Chapter 8 - Master Budgeting
What is a detailed quantitative p...,
What is the act of preparing a bu...,
What is the use of budgets to con...
60  cards
Chapter 9 - Flexible Budgets and Performance Analysis
What are planning budgets used for,
What are 2 advantages of planning...,
What is the layout of the budgets
23  cards
Chapter 10 - Standard Costs and Variances
What are benchmarks or norms for ...,
What are the two types of standar...,
What specify how much should be p...
35  cards
Chapter 11 - Performance Measurement in Decentralized Organizations
What 3 centers are known as respo...,
What do cost center managers have...,
What do profit center managers ha...
34  cards
Chapter 12 - Differential Analysis: The Key to Decision Making
What is a cost that differs betwe...,
What is a cost that can be elimin...,
What is an example of avoidable c...
28  cards
Chapter 13 - Capital Budgeting Decisions & The Concept of Present Value
List 5 typical capital budgeting ...,
What are the two broad categories...,
What 3 methods focus on analyzing...
71  cards

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principles of accounting - managerial

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