principles of disease

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An Introduction to Medical Microbiology
What are possible infecting agents,
What are the two areas of the bod...,
What is a sterile site
40  cards
An Introduction to Bacteria
What does the structure of bacter...,
What does the cytoplasm do,
What do ribosomes do
57  cards
An Introduction to Viruses
What can you say about the size o...,
What can you say about cells viru...,
What are different structures of ...
40  cards
Pathogens and the Host
What is clinical infection charac...,
What is pyrexia,
What is tachycardia
116  cards
Classification of Pathogenic Bacteria 1
What are things that can infect p...,
What is bacteria,
What is the process of gram staining
39  cards
Classification of Pathogenic Bacteria 2
What are the different priorities...,
What is the classification of gra...,
What are examples of gram negativ...
52  cards
Drug Absorption
What is pharmaceutical process,
What is pharmacokinetic process,
What is pharmacodynamics process
62  cards
Principles of Immunisation
What are the two types of immunity,
What is innate immunity,
What is adaptive immunity
46  cards
Hypersensitivity and Autoimmunity
What is an autoimmune disease,
What is loss of tolerence most li...,
What may autoimmune disease may a...
41  cards
Tumour Pathology 1
What is a tumour,
What are the properties of the gr...,
What are the two types of tumours
35  cards
Tumour Pathology 2
What are the 2 groups of genes th...,
What are some properties of cancers,
What is the altered function in c...
40  cards
Tumour Pathology 3
What are local effects of benign ...,
What t
22  cards
An Introduction to Fungi
What can fungi infect,
What is fungas,
What does the cell wall of fungus...
58  cards
Acute Inflammation 1
What is acute inflammation,
What are signs of acute inflammation,
What are possible aetiology cause...
24  cards
Acute Inflammation 2
What is inflammation named accord...,
How is inflammation named,
What is inflammation of the lungs...
57  cards
Imaging in Inflammatory Disorders and Infection
What are different kinds of molec...,
What is gamma radation,
What is radiopharmaceuticals
25  cards
Imaging in Cancer
What are different kinds of imagi...,
What are conventional cancer diag...,
What is a radio opaque used from ...
33  cards
An Introduction to Parasites
What is a parasite,
How does the complexity of parasi...,
What do parasites cause
38  cards
Chronic Inflammation 1
What is chronic inflammation,
What does chronic inflammation fe...,
What may chronic inflammation ari...
30  cards
Storing and Using Genetic Information
What is a phenotype,
What is a genotype,
Why are proteins functionally dif...
68  cards
Drug Distribution
What needs to happen to a drug on...,
What is drug distribution,
What is tissue distribution impac...
57  cards
What does each eukaryotic chromos...,
What does the centromere do,
What are telomere
87  cards
Mendelian Inheritance
What does a normal chromosome con...,
What do mutations in genes do,
What is an example of a disease a...
29  cards
Mutations and Genetic Analysis
What are the different kinds of c...,
When does first trimester begin,
What percentage of miscarriages d...
83  cards
Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics
What is drug metabolism,
What does metabolism limit,
What substances are excreted
64  cards
Drug Delivery Systems
What are different kinds of drug ...,
What are different forms of drugs...,
What are soppositories
48  cards
Chronic Inflammation 2
What is granulomatous inflammatio...,
What is granulomatous inflammatio...,
What can the cause of granulomato...
44  cards
Genetics Predisposition to Cancer
What do a small proportions of ca...,
What are the 2 different kinds of...,
Where to somatic mutations occur
47  cards
Adverse Drug Reactions
What are adverse drug reactions,
What is prophylaxis,
Adverse drug reactions are the wh...
75  cards
Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 1
What are antibiotics only active ...,
What are bactericidal,
What does sensitive mean
64  cards
Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 2
What are some commonly used b lac...,
What does benzyl penicillin act a...,
What does amoxicillin and ampicil...
69  cards
Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 3
What has no action against fungi,
What are the classes of anti fung...,
How do polyenes act
24  cards
Therapeutic Options
What do therapeutic options for c...,
What are prevention options for c...,
What are treatment options for ca...
54  cards
Outline of Disease Processes
What are most cancers in terms of...,
What does monoclonal mean,
How do cancer cells divide
48  cards
What is the lining of an artery c...,
What is found around the basal la...,
What is found around the smooth m...
68  cards
What are treatment options for ca...,
What are the steps of the cell cycle,
What happens during g1 gap 1
55  cards
Medical Genetics in the Clinic
What do most genetic referals rel...,
What does the clinical assessment...,
What are examples of genetic tests
18  cards
Estimating Risk of Inherited Disease
What is fitness,
What can affect fitness,
What are the 3 different kinds of...
38  cards
Tumour Pathology 4
What is mitosis,
What does mitotic division generate,
What is a cell cycle
61  cards
Drug Interactions
What is a drug interaction,
What are different things involve...,
What is the object drug
64  cards
Injury to the Body
What is an injury,
What is the human body constantly...,
What is the formula that describe...
19  cards
Post Mortem Changes
When can post mortem changes appear,
What are examples of early post m...,
What are examples of late post mo...
25  cards
Clinical Trials
What do clinical trials provide e...,
How many prescriptions do gps giv...,
How much does the nhs spend on dr...
45  cards
Tumour Pathology 5
What is carcinogenesis due to,
What are the 2 categories of norm...,
What are tumour suppressor genes
38  cards
Genetic Basis of Complex Inheritance
What is complex inheritance,
What are some inheritance pattern...,
What is incomplete penetrance
28  cards

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