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CHAPTER 1: The Concept of Property
What are the 5 theories of property,
Definition of property theory of ...,
3 elements needed for maximizing ...
19  cards
CHAPTER 2: Owning Real Property
What is real property,
What are fixtures,
Adverse possessionwhat are the 4 ...
18  cards
Copyrightwhat are the elements of...,
Copyrightdefine 1 originality,
Copyrightwhat are the categories ...
31  cards
CHAPTER 7: Leasing Real Property
What does the fha 42usc 3601 do,
How are fha violations handled,
Exemptions from the fha
25  cards
CHAPTER 5: Estates and Future Interests
Freehold estateshow to create a f...,
Terminating the lease,
Freehold estateswhat can follow a...
23  cards
Chapter 9: Financing Real Property
Creating the obligationdefine pro...,
Creating the obligationdefine mor...,
Define acceleration clause
34  cards
Chapter 6: Concurrent Ownership
Elements of the tenancy in common,
Elements of the joint tenancy,
Elements to create the joint tenancy
21  cards
Chapter 8: Selling Real Property
The purchase contractwhat must be...,
Three ways of describing property,
What is contained within a govern...
66  cards
Chapter 10: Private Land Use Planning
Easements terminologywhat is the ...,
Easements terminologywhat is the ...,
Easements terminologywhat is the ...
51  cards
Chapter 11: Land Use Regulation
Nuisance lawwhat are the four ele...,
Nuisance lawdefine intentional,
Nuisance lawdefine non trespassory
26  cards
Chapter 13/14: Eminent Domain/Takings
Scope of public usewhat are the r...,
The penn central standardwhat are...
8  cards

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