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psychology a-level paper 1

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Caregiver Infant Interactions
Outline and Evaluation of Caregiver Infant Interactions
22  cards
The influence of early attachment
How did bowlby believe early atta...,
What is the internal working model,
Who conducted the love quiz
22  cards
Development of Attachment
Who developed the timeline of att...,
What are the stages of attachment,
What happens at the asocial stage
24  cards
Learning theory of attachment
How does the learning theory sugg...,
How are infants born,
How are infants classically condt...
13  cards
Bowlby's theory of attachment
What perspective does bowlby s th...,
What key concept does bowby intro...,
What is the the human environment...
26  cards
Romanian Orphan Studies: Effects of institutionalisation
What prompted research into insti...,
Who conducted a study on romanian...,
How many infants did rutter and s...
23  cards
Bowlby's theory of maternal deprivation
What study di bowlby conduct in o...,
Who conducted the 44 juvenile thi...,
What was the 44 juvenile thieves ...
19  cards
Cultural Variations in attachment
What should be true if attachment...,
Who produced a meta anlysis of at...,
How many studies did van ijzendoo...
19  cards
Mary Ainsworth Strange Situation
Where did the strange situation t...,
What did the caregiver or strange...,
What behaviours did ainsworth obs...
19  cards
Animal Studies of attachment
When was lorenz study,
Who conducted a study on goslings,
How did lorenz study imprinting
33  cards
Conformity to Social Roles
What was zimbardo interested in,
What experiment is zimbardo famou...,
Where was zimbardo s mock prison
25  cards
Minority Influence
What is minority influence,
What can happen as aresult of min...,
What are the three key elements t...
20  cards
Resistance to Social Influence
What did conformity in asch s sub...,
Why does social support help in r...,
Why does social support help in r...
17  cards
Situational Variables affecting obedience
How many particpants were involve...,
What were particpants of milgram ...,
What was the set up of milgram s ...
20  cards
Social Influence Processes in Social Change
What are they five stages of soci...,
What happens when a minority draw...,
What is cognitive conflict
13  cards
The Agentic State and Legitimate Authority
What is the agentic state,
What is an agentic shift,
What did participants in milgram ...
20  cards
The Authoritarian Personality
Who created the f scale,
What is the authoritarian persona...,
What sort of questions were part ...
21  cards
Types and explinations of conformity
What is conformity,
What are the three types of confo...,
Who identified the three types of...
16  cards
Variables Affecting Conformity
Who was a major researcher in var...,
When was ash study,
Who did asch test in his study
21  cards
Accuracy of eyewitness testimony - Anxiety
What is the weapon focus effect,
Who tested the weapon focues effe...,
How did johnson and scott test th...
15  cards
Accuracy of eyewitness testimony - Misleading Information
What study did loftus and palmer ...,
Which piece of research by loftus...,
Who did a study involving mislead...
11  cards
Different types of LTM
What are the three categories of ltm,
What is episodic memory,
Where is episodic memory located
13  cards
Interference as an explination of forgetting
Who initially identified interfer...,
What did georg muller do in his s...,
Why did participants in georg mul...
17  cards
Retrieval Faliure as an explination of forgetting
What is retrieval faliure,
Who proposed that memory is more ...,
What did endel and donald thompso...
16  cards
What are the differences between ...,
Who did research into the encodin...,
What experiment did badley do to ...
19  cards
The Cognitive Interview
How can eyewitness testimony be i...,
Who developed the cognitive inter...,
What are the four components of t...
14  cards
The Multi-Store Model
Who created the multi store model,
What are the three storage units ...,
What are storage units called in ...
25  cards
The Working Memory Model
Who creates the working memory model,
What are the different stores in ...,
What organises the different stor...
24  cards
Definitions of abnormality
Why do we need to be able to iden...,
What are four ways of defining ab...,
What is deviation from statistica...
35  cards
Mental Disorders
What are phobias,
What are the emotional characteri...,
What are the behavioural characte...
16  cards
The Behavioural Approach to Explaining Phobias
Who propsed the two stage behavio...,
How are phobias initiated in the ...,
Who did the little albert experiment
12  cards
The Behavioural Approach to Treating Phobias
What is one of the main reasons t...,
Who developed systematic desensit...,
What is the base theory of system...
18  cards
The Biological Approach to Explaining OCD
What are tow genes identified whi...,
Explain how the comt gene may con...,
Explain how the sert 5 htt gene m...
25  cards
The Biological Approach to Treating OCD
What is the most common form of t...,
What drugs are often used to trea...,
How do selective serotonin re upt...
21  cards
The Cognitive Approach to Explaining Depression
What is the basis of depression a...,
Who developed the cognitve approa...,
Wat model did ellis create to exp...
20  cards
The Cognitive Approach to Treating Depression
What did ellis add to their abc m...,
What cbt aim to do,
How does cbt replace irrational b...
12  cards
The Role of the Father
Who did scheffer and emmerson fin...,
What is one possible reason why f...,
What evidence goes against the vi...
17  cards

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