psychology - forensic psychology

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1. Defining and Measuring Crimes
What is a crime,
What are the two key issues with ...,
What are the cultural issues in d...
14  cards
2. Offender Profiling: The Bottom-up approach
What is the bottom up approach,
What is the aim of the bottom up ...,
What is investigative psychology
18  cards
3. Offender Profiling: The Top-down approach
What is offender profiling,
What are the key aspects in the o...,
What is the top down approach to ...
9  cards
4. Biological Explanations: Atavistic Form
What is the atavistic form,
Who proposed the atavistic form,
How is lombrosos theory viewed today
18  cards
5. Biological Explanations: Genetic & Neural Explanations
What is the basic idea behind gen...,
Which twin study supports the gen...,
What are candidate genes
12  cards
8. Psychological Explanations: Differential Association Theory
What is differential association ...,
Who tried to provide a scientific...,
What was sutherlands theory attem...
14  cards
6. Psychological Explanations: Eysenck's Theory
What was eysencks general persona...,
What do the different dimensions ...,
Where did eysenck believe our per...
12  cards
7. Psychological Explanations: Cognitive Explanations
What was kohlbergs theory of mora...,
What did kohlberg base his stages...,
What links did kohlberg make betw...
17  cards
9. Psychological Explanations: Psychodynamic Explanations
What is the superego and what rol...,
Who applied freuds psychodynamic ...,
What did blackburn propose
14  cards
10. Dealing with offending behaviour: Custodial Sentencing
What is custodial sentencing,
What are the four main aims of cu...,
What is deterrence and how does i...
17  cards
11. Dealing with offending behaviour: Behaviour modification in custody
What is behaviour modification,
How was behaviour modification th...,
What are token economys
12  cards
12. Dealing with offending behaviour: Anger Management
Who developed the cognitive behav...,
What is the behaviourist explanat...,
What is anger management
16  cards
13. Dealing with offending behaviour: Restorative Justice
What is restorative justice,
In theory how does restorative ju...,
How does restorative justice chan...
13  cards

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psychology - forensic psychology

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