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Non Verbal Communication
Outline argyle alkema and gilmour...,
Davitz and davitz study into para...,
Argyle study into eye contact aim...
32  cards
Non Verbal Communication - Key Terms
Define communication,
Define verbal communication,
Define non verbal communication
19  cards
Memory - Key Terms
Define encoding,
Define storage,
Define retrieval
23  cards
Development of Personality - Key Terms
Define personality,
Define temperament,
Define monozygotic twins
18  cards
Learning - Key Terms
Define learning,
Define classical conditioning,
Define classical conditioning sch...
25  cards
Describe the theory of classical ...,
Outline a study that supports the...,
Give one practical application of...
12  cards
Social Influence - Key Terms
Define conformity,
Define the autokinetic effect,
Define obedience
15  cards
Social Influence
Outline sherif s study into confo...,
What are the two reasons people c...,
Outline asch s study into conform...
25  cards
Sex And Gender - Key Terms
Define gender identity,
Define psychodynamic theory,
Define phallic stage
7  cards
Murdoch study into the multi stor...,
1 application of study into multi...,
Craik and lockhart study of level...
22  cards
Development of Personality
Study into temperament and who st...,
Study into temperament and who st...,
Study into biological differences...
14  cards
Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination - Key Terms
Define stereotype,
Define judgements,
Define media
15  cards
Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination
Williams and best study into sex ...,
Williams and best study into sex ...,
Rubin et al study into sex stereo...
27  cards
Research Methods
What are the 3 types of experimen...,
What is an advantage and disadvan...,
What is an advantage and disadvan...
24  cards
Evaluation Points
0  cards
Sex and Gender
Outline the psychodynamic theory ...,
Describe the oedipus complex,
Describe the electra complex
4  cards

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